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Early Detection and Intervention- Autism Countered Better

Every child is the apple of his or her parents’ eyes and their hope of achieving heights they had aspired to reach. At least they hope to assume so. It bodes ill to some parents who have to wake up to the fact that their child is battling autism. However, it is increasingly prevalent among children these days as the stress of today’s parents are forcing major psychological disturbances among their offshoots. However, all is not lost for them. According to Dr. Nandini Mundkur, city pediatrician, it is a fighting chance for those parents who make that extra effort to identify their kid’s condition when it is still nascent.

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Product Talk: EyeSpa Cools, Hydrates and Refreshes Your Eyes


The topic of this post is lifestyle. The idea behind this post came from my analysis of the lives of my  grandmother, mother-in-law and in short, my earlier generation. What was clearly evident was the youthfulness of their skin, hair and eyes. We, the current generation, claiming to be intellectually wise age by looks with grey hair peeping in as early as mid 30s. We cannot deny the fact that stress and strain take a toll on our lives and our life has become much complex compared to yesteryears and the earlier generation. This change is seen more among women as they juggle between home, family and career.

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Teeth Talk: Oral Care from Apollo White Dental

image2Oral care had never been a subject of concern few decades back. We could connect it with the brushing habits, natural products, organic food, sans pesticides life and more.  As we moved into the millennium, medical innovations have gone beyond just treatment to venture into cosmetic zone.  Eating habits too have changed and so is our lifestyle.  Still the most ignored part of our body remains to be oral care and specifically the teeth. We cannot ignore the fact that mouth is the organ responsible for our intake and the point of contact to our metabolic system. Any callousness in taking care of it can lead to overall issues with health.  We had an interactive session and treatment at Apollo White Dental to understand the importance of regular dental checkups and the services they offer to customers.

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Hearty Vibes – Positive and Positive Makes a Positive

Positive Vibes make this world what it is and helps us survive and believeaids in tomorrow while living today with confidence.  We grew up learning to be positive and it has helped us tide through difficult times with the confidence that this too will pass and better times lie ahead.  But Positive has a negative impact in all our minds in one case, being HIV positive. Still an area people refuse to talk about or acknowledge, I saw one of my friends suffering from AIDS die a silent death for no fault of hers. She led a humiliated, ostracized life shunned by family deprived of support, refusing help from friends and suffering all alone wishing for earlier death as a boon.

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Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ Scores a Plus in 3 Important Areas

Think of term life insurance and we have so many options offering different permutations and combinations. We also have specific products getting launched every now and then. Buying an insurance plan is a long term decision and the first step would be to list out the priorities and choose a few of the companies and the products suitable for the requirements.There are many ways to select insurance products and one such way is checking out online insurance portals such as PolicyBazaar where important features of the products are compared for our convenience. Though the comparison lists out the benefits offered by many insurance providers, there are few important features that must be analyzed before finalizing an insurance plan.

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Know about Thoppukarnam, a Super-Brain Yoga Class

It’s a strange sight — a hall full of people, young and old, comically springing up and down on their haunches. Look closer, and their hands are crossed over their chests, fingers clutching the earlobes – not some kind of mass punishment, but a ‘super-brain’ yoga class.

The longstanding punishment for naughty children and a means of showing obeisance to Lord Ganesha, ‘thoppukaranam’ is now packaged as ‘super-brain’ yoga and taught to people who feel their brains needs sharpening. In fact, this form of yoga has also gone abroad, and is taught along with the other asanas at yoga schools.

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Diabetics, Be alert to Eye Problems and Talk to Doctors Early

In background retinopathy Description: In back...

Despite the latest technologies to treat eyesight problems, lack of awareness among patients is preventing the reduction in incidence of blindness in the state. Listing out the various types of eye-related disease, retinal surgeon Dr Amjad Salman, chairman of the scientific committee of theTamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association (TNOA), told that cataract, corneal blindness, refractive error on children, glaucoma, retinal and diabetic retinopathy generally affect people. But diabetes was nowadays becoming a challenge to eye care with one-fourth of the population being affected by the disorder.

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Tamil Nadu Sets an Example in Organ Donation – A Moment of Pride and Contemplation

It is probably the most difficult decision to make, but the people of Tamil Nadu have set an example for the rest of the country to follow. The state has recorded a stunning 80 per cent ‘conversion rate’, coming out as the most generous in the world, when it comes to donating a loved ones’ organs.

“By ‘conversion rate’ we mean that 80 per cent of families approached by our grief counsellors, agreed to pull the plug and donate their loved ones’ organs. Even in developed countries like USA where nearly everyone pledges their organs on their drivers’ license, only 50 per cent of families can be convinced to donate organs,” explains Dr Sunil Shroff, managing trustee of Mohan foundation.

There have been 268 organ donors from Tamil Nadu since the program began in 2008 — 52 hearts, 6 lungs, 239 livers and 487 kidneys have been harvested from brain dead accident victims and given to terminally ill people. In addition, there were hundreds of tissues like heart valves, corneas and skin that were retrieved.

Thanks to a motivated network of doctors who declare the brain death, intensivists who maintain the cadaver on life support and transplant co-ordinators who convince the bereaved families and guide them through the load of paperwork required for the consent, the state has a record cadaver organ donation rate of 1.3 million per population, which is 15 times the national average.

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Children can Avail Free Treatment for Cardio and Neuro Problems

English: Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital ...

Heart diseases require treatment and many times surgery and long term therapy. But the cost of treatment is also pretty high and unaffordable by many. This treatment cost can touch few lakhs today. While browsing on Facebook I found a page where children below the age of 10 years would be getting free treatment for any kind of Cardiac or Neurological problem.  This service is done by SRI SATYA SAI INSTITUTE OF HIGHER MEDICAL SCIENCES, Bangalore, India. We cross verified the information and confirmed the information is true. Read on to know more…

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Finding it Difficult to Sleep? Read this Post

In India, sleep disorders represent a significant, yet overlooked health problem. Apart from various forms of therapy, sleep disorders can also be cured through sleep labs, the latest solution to sleepless nights in the city. Philips has assisted hospitals and clinics in Tamil Nadu in establishing 15 sleep labs. Some of the sleep labs in Chennai include the Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences, Respiratory Research Foundation of India and Apollo Hospitals. Philips has assisted many hospitals and clinics in establishing 170 sleep labs in the country till date. These sleep labs also help physicians to accurately diagnose sleep disorders.

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Safeguard yourself from Cholera

English: pouring of an ORS sachet into a bottle

Cholera has been diagnosed in Chennai. We have providing some basic information on Cholera to help in understanding the disease and prevent it.  If you have diarrhea do not panic, do not self medicate, ask for ORS in the pharmacy, take the Oral Rehydration Solution and seek medical help.

What is Cholera Disease?

  • Cholera disease causes a lot of watery diarrhea and vomiting
  • Cholera diarrhea can look like cloudy rice water
  • Cholera can cause death from dehydration (the loss of water and salts from the body) within hours if not treated

*Cholera is an infection in the small intestine caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Read on..

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Quick Tips for Sinus Problem and Snoring

Suffering from Sinus or snoring problem? A quick self mechanism and a home remedy can go a long way in helping you get over it. Read on to know more …

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