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Enjoyable Tamil Podcast for Kids and Adults

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We are the radio listening generation and with all confidence will say that it was much more enjoyable, non-intrusive and delivered much more than the visual mediums we have today. Interestingly, we came across Deepika Arun, the Founder and Voice Artist of Kadhai Osai – Tamil Stories Podcast and Chittu Kuruvi, a Tamil Podcast exclusively for Tamil speaking children across the globe. A Bioengineer by qualification, it was Deepika’s innate natural resonance with children and experience as an after school activity center owner and school teacher  that sowed the seeds for an exclusive Tamil Podcast for children “Chittu Kuruvi”.

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Accredited Virtual American Schooling Launches in India

The world has shrunk and it has become quite common to see parents sending off children abroad for studies. Many things occupy the thoughts of parents right from the environment, academics, living conditions and the list can go on and on. The other concept much talked about in recent times is home schooling. As a parent, when I thought about home schooling, my first thoughts were on the acceptance of my daughter in reputed colleges post her schooling and her social exposure.  I was on the lookout for virtual school addressing my concerns in India. Virtual school can be a great asset for children pursuing sports and arts as a career.  It can be a boon to children who have missed their school admission cycle and specifically for children with learning differences who are highly gifted or students for whom mobility is limited due to physical disabilities or those who have Attention Deficit Disorder and other special needs.  It is a marriage of technology and academic excellence to bring virtual schooling home. Technology evolution has paved the way and time for parents looking for home schooling to rejoice. Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, launched first-of-its-kind Virtual International K–12 Education in India with International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Bringing accredited U.S. education directly to your desktop, the iNaCA provides a flexible world-class curriculum for students studying in classes up to class 12.


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Director Naga Launches our Online Video Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra


Director Naga and Writer K.Vivekshankar

We are happy to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra  by Director Naga.  To professionals with expertise in their domain, scaling to an online channel is not easy both in terms of emotional and mental makeup and technical parameters. When we talk about Vlogging, it is another domain and the intention of it must be made clear. We chose to keep this Channel in English to reach more people and we will soon launch a Tamil version too.

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Sexual Violence: Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights Educates Women


Search for Sexual violence in Google and the pages we land up with talks by itself. Sexual violence wrecks physical, emotional and mental health and deprives the victim of her rights to live her life. This can happen to anyone we know irrespective of age, caste and creed.  One of the important steps will be to report it. Many questions prop up the moment we get ready to report it. For many our law or rights are just lessons learnt in school with no relation to everyday life. Reporting of Sexual violence should be done for three major reasons –

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Talking Parrot – Stand-Up Comedy is Seriously Fun

Stand-up comedy, we hear more these days made me contemplate on the nuances and the personality of the comedian and this understanding prompted me to write a post on it. Public speaking is an art and being a comedian is another form that has some many finer elements to it. Standup-Comedy is combining both to bring the best out of them. I saw couple of performances and the thing that impressed me the most is the timing. I came back home and tried to deliver the same to my family but then I realized how difficult it was. I was baffled when my daughter asked me what I was trying to convey with such a serious face, let me tell you, I was aghast. I remember enjoying every bit but I could only recollect only one or two.

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Build Your City, An Unique Initiative to Voice Yourself and Be Heard

Inno Group, a global investment firm focused on real estate with operations in Europe, Middle-East and India, has announced the launch of Inno BYC (build your city) initiative in Chennai. Inno BYC is a platform for participatory citizenship and a social initiative promoted by Inno.

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Documentary on Schizophrenia, a Laudable Effort

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Filmmaker M. Nehru’s, 35, documentary on schizophrenia victims in Tamil Nadu showcases not just their plight but also casts light on his commitment as he spent three years interacting with them and their families for the project. The 36-minute documentary titled Theruvil Irakkum Kudhiraigal (Dying Street Horses) talks about the lack of awareness among the public, superstitions about mental illness and ill-treatment of victims.

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Action Garbage Cleaning Towards Cleaner Chennai

A new garbage collection and street cleaning mechanism has been introduced in the city. This follows the completion of design of the route map of all 200 wards of the Chennai Corporation.

After all the 200 wards, including those covered by private conservancy contractor, Ramky Enviro Engineers, are brought in the system, a list of streets not cleaned would be generated on a daily basis by 10 a.m. at Ripon Building.

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Margazhi Music Apps for Your iPhone

The Chennai Music Season or the Madras Music Season, as the season was originally called is celebrated in a period of six to seven weeks spanning the months of December and January. This season usually witnesses a large number of small and large kutcheris  (Concerts) around the city of Chennai.

Margazhi Music iPhone app is the world’s 1st mobile platform for the Chennai December Music Festival. ILoveMadras celebrates the city of Chennai, and this iPhone app is an affirmation to our commitment to bringing the best of Chennai to you.
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Meet Bloggers and Share your Blog

Every blogger wants the blog posts to be read and commented.  We saw innumerable blogs with good content struggling for exposure. Join us in this attempt to meet up. If you are on facebook, join us to meet bloggers and the blog works and bring recognition on the table.  Let it be any topic, we stand united as bloggers. Let us meet up in this group and share our thoughts and initiate discussions and help to improve this group.

Please introduce your blog with a short description and we will take it from there.


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