Observations Post Covid in Chennai

We decided to visit people and places and see if things are really back to normal post this 1.5 year Covid situation. On a positive note, festive shopping fervour seems to be much on the high – the absence of festivities have created a larger than life situation. Shops are much more crowded than what we had seen in 2019. Much to our surprise, stocks in shops did not match the oncoming festival. Normally it is the other way around. We could see shop’s sales people trying to convincing people to buy with limited stock. In few other shops, lethargy has set in – sales people hardly made an effort to sell and in other places, availability of sizes were a bigger issue leading to disappointed customers. Should we contribute it to the booming online sales that found larger acceptance during the pandemic? Is this situation hear to stay? or has the market not geared for the revival is a big question?

Existing popular restaurants are becoming full, on the other hand, saw many restaurants have closed down shops and suddenly new shops have sprung up in the place of old ones – unsure if it can be called a positive scenario. Restaurant menu list have shortened, few restaurants have changed their offerings. For example, Jokers kitchen quite popular with youngsters has trimmed their menu quite exhaustively. We cannot say it is a bad trend, because much in 2019, we found restaurants with specific shorter menu served better dishes than the exhausting ones where we focus was lost and we got lost deciding on what to order.

Crowded movie theatres, thanks to Doctor movie, bookings seems to be on the up side. Traffic jams and snarls are back and roads are overcrowded during weekends specifically the OMR, ECR roads. Temples have recently been opened on weekends and we are yet to see the normalcy there.

Though life seems to be much normal in Chennai, service industry is still banking on COVID situation to accomodate lack of service. Given that many are still continuing work from home, we are pondering if it is convenience or Covid situation for this work methodology. For parents with kids at home due to online schooling, work from home may be a best option for now. With schools scheduled to open in November, we guess there will be a change in the life-work scenario.

We spoke to few children under the online classroom session, frustration has started to set into these kids. We could clearly see the kids raring to goto school where they feel physical and mental activity can find a balance. Afterall, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We wish the children find their school days fun and more entertaining in the coming years.

This post is more of general nature and we will be coming out with specific posts on the situation further on.

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