New Normal- Dining at Broken Bridge Cafe, Chennai

With the COVID 19 situation, eating outside has been almost become nil due to the fear of exposure. It is very surprising to see how the last eight months have passed by and it is an eye opening experience to see how our lives have changed. Nevertheless, we have to return back to the new version of normal. We were curious to see how the restaurants have adapted to the new normal and how different will our experiences be. Our first attempt was with the Broken Bridge Cafe at MRC Nagar.

Seeing the thermal scanning and the temperature checks we went through before entering, we could not help thinking about how we have taken life for granted and how important hygiene and health has become. We were greeted by masked men, squeaky clean tables and sanitiser dispensers.

We requested them to provide us with a platter of vegetarian starters and the first few ones to capture our interests were Beetroot Galouti and Mozzarella stuffed yellow chilli fritters. The fritters were an interesting fusion, with the cheese adding an extra dimension to the dish.

We also tried Parmesan Broccoli and Peri peri Paneer. Must tries!

A very interesting offering that we tried was the Naan Pizza- a fusion of a naan flatbread served with generous gravy and toppings on top. The fusion worked well.

For the mains, we tried tandoori roti with Kadai vegetable and Dum aloo banaras. Both sabjis were aromatic and fresh.

We tried the Filter coffee caramel custard and Nutella custard with Maltova crumble. Do not miss the coffee pudding if you’re a coffee lover. The nutella pudding was chocolatey goodness.

We assumed that the menu would be restrictive due to the pandemic situation but it was a pleasant surpirse to see a full fledged menu on the cards.

They have an array of cocktails and mocktails, suitable to everyone’s liking. It was heartening to see a good number of people dining at the restaurant and we do understand the difficulties that the restaurants have been going through and we are happy to see Broken Bridge Cafe back at it’s feet.

Broken Bridge Cafe is located inside Somerset Greenways in MRC nagar, Chennai.

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