Enjoyable Tamil Podcast for Kids and Adults

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We are the radio listening generation and with all confidence will say that it was much more enjoyable, non-intrusive and delivered much more than the visual mediums we have today. Interestingly, we came across Deepika Arun, the Founder and Voice Artist of Kadhai Osai – Tamil Stories Podcast and Chittu Kuruvi, a Tamil Podcast exclusively for Tamil speaking children across the globe. A Bioengineer by qualification, it was Deepika’s innate natural resonance with children and experience as an after school activity center owner and school teacher  that sowed the seeds for an exclusive Tamil Podcast for children “Chittu Kuruvi”.

In Chittu Kuruvi Podcast, Deepika narrates stories of famous Tamil children story writers like Azha Valliyappa. She has stock of some all-time -hit stories among children — stories told by grandmas from generation to generation. She has ‘Little Cheenu’ stories written by Sandeepika (her own father C.V.Rajan) that carry interesting and fun-filled childhood anecdotes. She has Tamil tongue twisters and word puzzles; she has incidental stories narrated from other copyright free content available for children. Interestingly, Deepika’ own 6-year old daughter – Samyuktha Arun and the little girl’s Father, Grandma, Uncles and Cousins too give their voices to Chittu Kuruvi to make them livelier!

The stories in Chittu Kuruvi are structured in such a way that the children are encouraged to discuss with their parents to help with answers to some questions and talk about issues mentioned in the stories and also learn many essential values and practices needed in life – like water conservation, cleanliness, helping parents in domestic chores, thrift, courtesy and so on.

Through her Kadhai Osai Podcast (see kadhaiosai.com), Deepika has been narrating stories of famous Tamil writers (Like Kalki, La Sa Ra, Pudhumai Pithan, Sandeepika and so on) for the past 2 years.  Her love for Tamil literature delivered with her inborn skill for perfect Tamil pronunciation with appropriate voice modulation, Deepika’s Kadhai Osai is a super-hit counting more than a million listens from avid Tamil story lovers spread across the globe.

Link to listen to Chittu Kuruvi Podcast: https://kadhaiosai.com/chittu-kuruvi-podcast/

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