Get the Taste of Rose Tres Leches , a Mediterranean Delight in Chennai

The pandemic has changed our life and has given us an opportunity to stop look and proceed. Life has considerably slowed down and things which were indispensable became an absence we could live with despite longing for it. Though there are many cons than pros to this life, slowing down pace and having time to kill under compulsion has made people look towards passion, hobbies and learning something new and test out waters. The six months has brought in understanding at home, to most families, home is an ignored area in fast paced life of profession and income. Many found time to be with kids, grown ups with their parents, new couples with each other, this time when we look back after 10 years may turn out to be a memorable time of togetherness. Yet, we are not denying the fact that pandemic has brought in difficult times, we also want to highlight the positives.

Nurseries were having a boom time, homes are getting furnished, redone and so the plants are going home. People found their long lost voice and trying out singing, social media is active with people posting their recipes, sharing the food they make and in addition trying out new. As the saying Make hay while the sun shines, experts went online starting up new video channels, one such example is Chef Venkatesh Bhat’s new video series, Idhayam Thotta Samayal, he encourages people to share with him their food they make seeing his recipes.

Amul encouraged home chefs to go live with specialty recipes and the opportunity gave home chefs a platform and also encouraged their efforts. We saw our friends, Blogger & Restaurant owner Dr. Saraswathi Viswanathan of Sachu’s kitchen, Food blogger and recipe developer Abhipsa Saran and CA-turned-chef Shri Bala among others.

This pandemic has also given rise to online classes specifically by pastry chefs to catch on the trend on home bakeries. Seeing the emergence of home chefs, a group of youngsters doing their final year in college started a venture called Foodship in Instagram , encouraging homechefs to do a popup on a specific day by acting as a logistics partner. Most of the homechefs struggle to get started and Foodship gives them an opportunity to serve set number of orders on the given day and handle everything from marketing, taking orders,  collecting products from homechefs, delivering and collecting payment for the same. Foodship trusts the homechef into preparing something what they now best and takes care of the rest. A welcome initiative for newcomers to boldly startup and showcase their products.

One of the products showcased by Foodship popup is Eggless Rose Tres Leches, a Mediterranean pastry based on rose flower by my daughter, Ranjani. She is a homebaker and foodship gave her a platform to take this product to her customers. Ranjani has benefited from online classes conducted by pastry chefs and it helped her take this passion a step ahead. She perfected Rose Tres Leches and today the product has received excellent reviews from customers and way for more orders and more the confidence to start a small home business.

Rose les treches - Order now in Chennai

How to order Rose Tres Leches

If you are in Chennai and is interested to try out the Rose Tres Leches, you can comment here or direct message Ranjani  in Instagram at

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  1. It sounds delicious. Maybe when I visit Chennai next time, I would try to grab a bite. Thank you for sharing this article on my web page.

  2. I want to taste rose tres leches cake. How to order

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