Chocolate Heaven – Hangout to Celebrate Chocolates and More

87592a02-2209-41a9-92d3-4aea2dca1dcf.jpgChocolate Heaven, a new entrant into the amazing world of hangouts with awesome food that caters to youngsters, has its outlets in Egmore and Alwarpet. We were invited to a tasting and the surprise was the food goes beyond chocolates though they specialize in chocolates. We had a starter, mojitos, 3 varieties of thin crust pizzas, pasta and a good range of chocolate desserts. Honestly, it was just sampling when we came to the desserts and the blogger friends who came with us will happily agree so. Nevertheless, each item stood for perfection and the pizzas were absolutely a delight.


The chocolicious Brownie pizza with Nutella is a absolute try if you are a chocolate lover. The other pizzas were no way behind with one with pasta topping, Pizza Arrabiata. It was too good as they were prudent to add in just the right amount of pasta and nice seasoning. What we liked about the pizza was its Indian touch, try the Paneer Makhani Pizza, true to its flavor with no overdoing the masala. These pizzas can make even the non-lovers of pizza to fall for it. It was absolutely SPOT ON.



Chilli garlic potato chops, Creamy Four cheese spaghetti pasta, Spinach garlic fusili pasta are sure to excite anyone with a love for fast food.


The Mojitos were unique in the sense they carried the essence of the naming in clear terms. Cucumber mojito, mango basil mojito lived true to its name and specially the cucumber one was absolutely refreshing.


The name Chocolate heaven is so true when to get to taste so many types of desserts – Nutella pancake, heaven famous pancake, chocolate X3 sundae and triple decker choco fudge. Freakshakes, the monster milkshakes are a big plus here.


The Egmore outlet is in Pantheon road in the section where the road is closed from 5 PM to 8 PM – If you are in a bike, you can sneak through but if you are in a auto or car, we have to enter the road through the Poonamalee High Road only, a good detour and can be managed better if you are aware of it.

The Big Plus right now is 50% OFF on the bill till January 1st, 2020. Grab it while it is ON. Zomato GOLD is not accepted right now.


Alwarpet :

96A, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Phone: 044-48552254


Shop No. 479, Pantheon Road, Near Fruit shop on Greames Road, Egmore, Chennai

Open from 11 AM to 11 PM

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