Ammachi Aduppadi Vegetarian Restaurant – Food Review

A cute dainty vegetarian restaurant in Adambakkam surprised us with home style food in a warm dainty environment. Known as “moongil kadai” locally for its bamboo interiors, the restaurant is just a month old and has caught up with the locals for the unique offerings, taste and affordability. The restaurant is run by the owner family and draws its inspiration from the food served by their Ammachi – the reason behind the name Ammachi aduppadi. The ingredients are prepared in a traditional way and used in the served items and we can taste the authenticity in the food served to us. Now to the food, the specialty of this restaurant is their Koththu – kotthu chappathi and koththu parotta and you can opt for either with channa or mushroom. We could see most of the tables going for this Koththus.

We tasted the koththuchappathi, a healthy alternative for those worried about maida parotta, the dish was very tasty. The inspiration came from their son who always made a koththu whenever chappathi was served to him. So they tried it out and it is one of their Hit Menu item. Koththu is served with kurma very pleasantly spiced and with onion raita. We also tried out their Idli and the chutney, sambhar was so homely, gobbling 3 or 4 is not a difficult thing at all. Onion Oothappam was another HIT, truly speaking when I saw the huge one being served after the koththu and idlies, I was not sure if I will be in a position to complete it but trust me, it just went it as a breeze, the slightly crunchy onion and the outer crusty oothappam was no challenge at all. We also had Mushroom masala dosai and it was good too.


Goli soda is their other specialty and not the branded one. They have about 12 different flavors and we just managed to get the orange, cola and lemon at Rs.30/- each; rest were sold out.

Another BIG PLUS is their Boiler based beverage section. The section is set up outside to make people to get a sip of their boiler tea or coffee or sukku paal or green tea or lemon tea without entering the restaurant. The boiler tea was true to the taste that we have it when we travel down South. Kudos to the Ammachi Aduppadi team for thinking of this wonderful idea. What more, if you are around Adambakkam by 5.30 AM, you can get to taste the boiler tea there.

The breakfast opens at 7.15 AM and has the idli, Pongal, poori, vadai menu and we will be visiting shortly to taste it. The breakfast section is open till 11.30 AM and for the dinner the restaurant opens at 7 PM and is available till 11 PM.

Since it is run by the family themselves,  the restaurant is closed on Sunday and shortly will be opening for LUNCH too. Work is on in this regard.

LAST but not the LEAST is the PRICING. One idli costs Rs.8/- and pricing of Kotthu based on the choice goes up to Rs.120, (guess that is the maximum for any item there)  and the quantity is quite GOOD. Service was pretty quick and it is NON-AC restaurant but well ventilated.

Location :

Ammachi Aduppadi,

Godhavari Street, Bharath Nagar, Santhi Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600 088

Contact : 082206 69638

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