Can A You-tuber Be YOUR Fitness Trainer…?

From the beginning of the 21st century, Media and entertainment entities have been constantly metamorphosing in tune with evolving mediums, with availability of video cameras and CD drives earlier, independent content creators started emerging on various topics including fitness. Now almost two decades down the line with YouTube and rabid availability of smartphones anybody is free to create their own content and go online with fitness not being sparred. Unfortunately, social media audience are being entertained through certain YouTube fitness channels, but unfortunately fitness is no mere entertainment. So here is the one crore rupee question (“Million Dollar is too old school”)

Can a youtuber be your fitness trainer…?

Read it again. The question is not whether a fitness trainer be a youtuber, But vice versa.

Before proceeding further would you any day pledge your health to a doctor on who is on YouTube…? or carry out a surgical procedure on yourself after watching a few tutorial videos by someone who wears surgeons mask, apron and cap.?

This might be you , trying stuff on your own..! 😛

 No.! right…? then why rely on some random YouTube Wala who is no better than an actor in a movie who enacts a sequence and then gets the best of the shots edited before it comes on the big screen and ironically, they would be the same ones judging how fit a celebrity is, a peek into their lifestyle on what they eat …? so on and so forth. But what purpose is it going to serve for sure leading a lifestyle like a celebrity is just impossible and you don’t get paid for it.

Looks Like a trainer ..! Doesn’t he……..?

To talk about credibility, any guy on YouTube who has a well chiseled physique is indeed an internationally certified trainer and nutritionist, seriously pity on all those nutritionists who take utmost care of a patient’s diet in a hospital and those trainers and physios who work with clients with musculoskeletal issues, after all they are not internationally certified they are just qualified.

I Suppose this is how professionals appear…!

In this era of authenticity, while we even think twice to download a free app from play store .why is it that you take your fitness for granted, please reiterate to yourself that you are trying to make fitness as habit so that it contributes to your lifestyle of being a healthy individual. On the contrary any random workout program online is only going to increase your risk of injury and you giving up the idea of getting fit.

Now you might be like who is a trainer…? what are his roles and responsibilities…?

In the real world before a trainer signs up a client, the trainer is supposed to have a thorough knowledge of the client’s medical history, current medical condition, then proceed for assessment and then sign up for the classes.

Yup…! the meaning of the word fit itself is comparing your score with a predefined score on a parameter and then declare whether you are fit or unfit for that parameter, so similarly physical fitness has two parameters, health related and skill related. Your trainer must ensure that you first work towards health related parameters after getting you assessed and then proceed further with the skill related parameters depending upon what your goal is.

Assessment….? What…?

So, can a youtuber be your fitness trainer…? No. but a trainer indeed can be a youtuber.

For further assistance you are always welcome to approach Niranjan Ganesh, Fitness Trainer and author of the blog post for any queries.

If you are in Chennai and interested in fitness, do check out Niranjan’s BootCamp from Fit4A_chennai – 9176643059/9962414948

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