Sumeru Launches Desi Gourmet Dishes Curated by Indian Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad

Sumeru Launches Desi Gourmet Dishes Curated by Indian Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad

Sumeru is a household name in Frozen foods and we have always found them a good alternative to present those French fries, cheese balls, vegetable nuggets that my daughter so loved, at home. Sumeru in the quest for healthy alternatives have brought in 14 times Indian Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad to curate gourmet dishes that is mouth watering and lip smacking. The products were launched in a grand event at Crowne Plaza with Peepul Capital, Sumeru Team and Chef Alfred Prasad. It was a well-planned event and we had the opportunity to taste the dishes and true to all the efforts, the vegetarian dishes – Super millet kichadi and Coromandel Shahi Paneer (based on Andhra chili chicken, chicken replaced with Paneer) were awesome. The other non-vegetarian dishes include Coromandel Roast chicken and Signature pepper chicken.

The best part is the effort of the Chef to bring in locally-sourced ingredients, with no added flavors, colors or preservatives on the lines of our ancient philosophy Food is medicine.True to his commitment to presenting healthy alternatives, he has used millet in the Khichdi, and baking, roasting in preparing the food. The biggest drawback we have had with ready-to-eat meals is the absence of the freshness of food and lack of the authenticity which we miss big time. When we tasted the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients and the presentation spoke volume about the dish and the packing and it scored in all those areas we were missing all these days. Kudos to Sumeru and Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad, they have delivered what we wanted to see in ready-to-eat dishes.

If you watch Masterchef Australia, you need no introduction to the specialty and uniqueness of Michelin Stars. For others, Michelin stars are a rating system used by the red Michelin Guide to grade restaurants on their quality of food, innovation & ambience of the restaurant. Chef Alfred Prasad held it in Tamarind for 12 years, the man instrumental for the star which he got at the age of  29 making him a Youngest Indian to hold one.

Keeping in pace with technology, drones carried the dish packets to the dais. The event was fun filled with opportunity for interactions with the 3 important teams that has made this launch possible – Sumeru (Innovative Foods Limited) , Peepul Capital and the man who is so attached to Chennai,  Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad.  We loved the live music with Harp and Flute performers,the mellifluous music was so pleasing and hats off to the organizers who thought of this idea.

On the special occasion of Children’s Day, Sumeru began gifting a delicious Taste Ki Jhappi to kids who really deserve some extra love & joy in their lives. You have a huge part to play too. Each time you share the video, an underprivileged child receives a warm and homely meal by Sumeru in partnership with HUGS foundation.

We expect to see more of our authentic dishes, our own heritage, to be a part of Sumeru’s future launches and yes, as always, we want more vegetarian dishes please.

Sumeru’s Indian Gourmet Dishes will be available across all major retail outlets in Chennai.

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