Tuk Tuk Asia Vegetarian Food Review

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5440cf62-0a0e-42d6-ac0a-fe73578684d1Craving for authentic Asian food especially vegetarian food, head to Tuk Tuk Asia located next to Fat Boy Pizza, Alwarpet, Chennai. It is q difficult task to serve Asian Vegetarian food without the hint of the sea food smell but Tuk Tuk Asia made us forget the thought of it by its well-seasoned adapted versions of lip-smacking Asian Food.  Understanding the role of sauces in Chinese food, we have been keen to test it out in every Asian food outlet we go. Here too, the sauces ruled with some beautiful in-home preparations that made every dish spectacular. The menu has soups, salads, dimsums, stir fries, small plates – Fried and sauce tossed, Big plates, curries and a total Non-veg only tuk tuk asia special. Many dishes have the Veg and Non-veg option and ours, as always is the Vegetarian food review. We had soup, dimsum, small plates – fried, sauce tossed, big plates, curries and dessert.  We also had watermelon juice and pineapple juice.

In soups, we had Jade Soup (veg) flavored with spinach broth. The moment spinach is spelt out, we worry about the greens ruling the dish and, in this case, the spinach was oblivious without making its presence felt but still giving us the spinach flavor and rightly seasoned without us requiring to add any spice. Definitely, one of the best soups we had in the recent past.


Next, came the vegetable dimsums. Being an Asian specialty restaurant, we expected a thin glassy covering filled with vegetables, but the covering was a bit thick nevertheless well cooked.


Vegetable Popiah, spring rolls filled with vegetables were like cigar and was crunchy with a filling. Chilli cheese wontons was absolutely fantastic. Small pocket of chilli cheese filling in the middle with a crispy cover, a perfect finger food. The beauty of the dish is the refrained cheese in the filling which makes it not so overpowering.


We had Broccoli Mongolian, a lovely dish made of crispy broccoli with Mongolian sauce and cashew nuts. Highly recommended item and a Must try.


In the big plate, we had pan fried noodles with stir fried sauce. The sauce quantity is liberal to make the dish crunchy and soft as our taste demands.


The spiciness of all the dishes as by the Asian food standards were medium, none of the dishes or sauces gave us a spicy kick, as a typical Indian palate would expect.

We are lovers of Thai food, so we asked for Thai Red Curry. Expected to be spicy, it did not deliver much of spice and understanding that the base is coconut milk, we cannot expect anything more except the Thai ginger to hook it up a little. We expected Jasmine rice but we got steamed rice. We would certainly love Jasmine rice instead.


In desserts, it was thin honey coated crispy darsan with correct quantity of vanilla ice-cream.


One of the strong points is the menu does not run to pages and is displayed as a sheet of attractive paper on the table. A glimpse of it gives us a clear idea of what to eat in an uncluttered manner.

Ambience: The moment you enter the restaurant, you feel the warmth of the red, green and golden yellow hues and beautiful art work that spell out Asian atmosphere in every wall.


Tuk Tuk Asia
Next to Fat Boy Pizza
16, 1st Cross Street, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

044 24364363
+91 9841701506

Open from 12 noon to 10 PM

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  1. The photos are absolutely tempting. I like the name Broccoli Mongolian. Looks delicious. Would be visiting Chennai next month. Might give this place a try. Thanks for posting the review.

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