Head to Café CakeBee for a MasterChef Food Experience

254a85cb-50eb-4b35-ba02-709f155bf3f4-1Masterchef season is On in Star World and for those Masterchef fans out here, there is certainly a change in the way we look at food and its presentation. Though we do enjoy the presentation, there is always this absence of not getting to taste that description, the great chefs George, Gary and the food critique Matt so adoringly explain through their words and expressions. To a certain level, we got an experience which made us connect to those food at the Café CakeBee, the newly opened Café at Seethammal Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. The location is a bit difficult to locate now as it is still not up in the map, but do not worry, we are putting the location map at the end of the post, because we are sure you will want to visit it as soon as possible.

As usual, ours is a vegetarian review and this Café CakeBee is the brainchild of Sethu from Trichy and he has hit the notch of a Café with his brilliant offerings. It is difficult to satisfy our palate from a viewpoint of a vegetarian and through the café concept because somewhere after tasting 2 dishes, we get overpowered with the sweetness and similar tasting items. When we went to Café CakeBee, we did not have any expectations and it was more from a point of view to meet our other friends, a typical reason to check out a café.

It is certainly not a exaggeration if we say, we had a wonderful gastronomical experience out there. Every item had a unique signature, tasty and impressive in quantity for the price. We loved the fact that sugar was perfectly under control, sometimes less especially in the power boosters, which we loved. The items we had –

Soup – Asian Broth Soup – Fresh vegetables clear broth.


Power Bowl –


We had Chia seed pudding, coconut milk based with a tint of cinnamon, healthy and tasty topped with fruits and granola. Would prefer it anytime as my breakfast. There are many other options with quinoa, red rice, and this one is my favorite.




Classic Caesar salad – First time, a Caesar salad which got repeated orders, it is all about the balance of the greens that is the hit.

Balsamic infused melon salad – First, a treat to the eyes, the melon orange beet salad was lovely. The microgreens added a zing to the salad. I am a salad addict but take my word, this was too good. 😊



Hot Shot bites – mash with jalapeno, deep fried, crispy on the outer and hot and a bit sweet mash – would have preferred a pepped-up Jalapeno for the hot shot.

Stuffed mushroom – Strongly recommended item and the filling was spicy and went fine with the bland mushroom. Certainly, worth going for an extra helping.

For the mains,



it was a Mezze platter and Brocolli, mushroom with cream cheese pasta. The Mezze platter served with pita bread, lavash, hummus, Tzatziki, Boba ganoush, falafel balls, and tabloueh, a middle eastern delicacy.  We felt the falafel was bit over fried.

Nothing to complain about the Primavera pizza and the pasta as wee were eyeing the desserts and shakes/smoothies.





The New York cheese cake was a stunner and it was served with orange sorbet. It was so creamy n kept us asking for more.

Then we had baklava, crunchy and thin wafer like layers was too good.

Seven-layer cake was another stunner.  Do not miss the Dessert section here. Simply awesome.


Pomegranate n Blueberry shake was fruity without the milk overpowering the taste and Brownie shake lived up to its name, loaded with chocolate thick enough to use the spoon to drink it.

Good ambience, quality food made the experience delectable. The biggest USP is their control on the quality, control of sweetness and microgreens which they grow in-house. Yes, the Masterchef connect is here. Be it presentation, selection of items, and taste, Café CakeBee is worthy of a visit.

Location :

Cafe CakeBee

50, Seethammal Road, Off TTK Rd, Alwarpet, Chennai, Alwarpet, Chennai

Open 8am – 11pm


Cafe CakeBee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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