Get your customised shirt from Bombay Shirt Company

Finding a gift for a man has always been a challenging factor.  To those who have tried finding ways of making the gift unique will know the difficulties they have undergone to make that special day surprising. The gifts that we choose are always off the shelf limited to watches, shirts, pants, shoes, perfumes, pens and wallets. Surprisingly the products designed for men are much durable and stand for a longer time.

A Cross pen or a Tissot watch or a Nike shoe doesn’t need a replacement at least for the next 5-6 years. So, we always end up racking our brain whenever a birthday or an anniversary of our man at home is on the cards. Now, after exhausting all our options, we are now fixed at either a pant or a shirt or both and try our best to look for something unique in it.

We cannot help thinking of the options, we women have when we want to gift or get gifted. We have tailor made blouses, dresses and we choose how we want to dress. That boils down to fitting. Men fitting is limited to S, M, L or sizes 40, 42, 44 etc. But when we buy shirts based on these sizes even from the top brands, there is something yet to be desired. It always took me back to the days when my dad wore tailored shirts and pants, which I feel was much more apt than the generalised shirts. When each of us are different, how can we expect a generalised shirt to give us the apt look?

That’s when I came across Bombay Shirt Company, with their unique proposition- Get your shirts tailor made on par with the top brands with respect to the fabric, finish and the quality of the stitching. Though the shop is online, the measurements can be given at the local outlet. The expert tailor in the outlet makes sure the product is customised and fits you well.

When I saw the online shop and the options that was thrown open to me to customise, I was flabbergasted. I have never gone into such details for buying a shirt. The most interesting part is the freedom to choose the fabric, the collar type, buttons, bottom of the shirt, cuffs, piping, elbow patches and the list goes on. If decision making is your problem, we do have expert help in hand, walk into the outlet and take their help to choose your custom-made shirt, and then place your order with the measurements.

Cost—For such an offering, the cost is quite affordable. Beginning from Rs 2000 onward

Delivery time- Maximum one week from the date of order which is too good for a custom-made shirt.

The outlets in Chennai are in two prime locations- Adyar and Dr RK Salai, Mylapore.

Do try them out, we did and it was a seamless experience that gave us the feeling of being an expert and the product stood for the quality. We look forward to see them venture into the pants side also.

Address of the outlets

RK SALAI- #104, Ganesha Towers, Above Wrist World, Dr Radha Krishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004

ADYAR- 1/3, Ceebros Arcade, 3rd Cross St, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Available from 10am-9pm.


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