Youtube Short Film Review –  90s Kidz Entertainment’s Subramani BE

Engineers, so sought-after professionals a decade back, specifically computer engineering and its associated branches, are struggling to find a job today. If you are not from the premium institutions such as IIT or NIT, your chances of getting a campus recruitment is almost close to Nil. If at all, you do get one, it lands out to be something that does not concern the specific area of study negating the efforts to qualify in the subjects concerned. Movies such as VIP have subtly highlighted the same. But it is not so rosy all the time with support from home as in the case of the movie.

Many parents especially from the rural area aspire to make their children an engineer and end up selling their precious piece of land and house to get them a seat in an engineering college. Engineering colleges became a lucrative business and it mushroomed all over Tamil Nadu to cache on the computer engineering craze and mechanically generated thousands of engineers every year onto the roads.

Arguments such as “create a job if you cannot find one” is applicable for ones who can afford to set up a business or at least have the resources to acquire a loan. For the ones whose parents await at the village expecting a son or daughter with an Engineering degree and a lucrative job to repay loans and help them to lead a life of sufficiency, it is a far-fetched dream. Even education loans demand the loan repayment 6 months after the course completion, the engineering graduates are still searching for their job past 1 year or have started working in a job which hardly fetches them 7k to 8k. No wonder, education loan features the highest NPA among loans.

This short film, 90s Kidz Entertainment’s “Subramani B.E” , written and directed by Jawahar Sekar, conveys the pain of the Engineering graduates today in a simple yet effective tone. Brilliant acting by the team made the short film interesting though the subject is a well-trodden one.

The candidate, Subramani, played by Dinesh Sharavana, conveyed his aspiration, urgency and a waiting job seeker’s pain without making it too melodramatic. His body language carried a rural boy effectively. A big plus!


The interviewer portrayed by Girish Ayyapath showed maturity and conveyed the cold attitude of the recruitment process and the corporate world. In the few minutes, he established his character well and presented the climax in a composed fashion. Fantastic portrayal.

Madhu Purushotthaman as another interviewer won our heart in his expression (no words) when he reacted to Subramani’s desperate plea for a job. That was acting in a crescendo!

Climax felt imposed and we would have enjoyed better if the climax was more effectively conveyed to create an impact.

The camera could have been handled better, it was shaky in few places and few screens had faces cut out of the picture. Audio quality was commendable. Crisp Dialogues carried the screenplay well.  Music was pleasant.

It is not an easy task to communicate a story in 15 minutes, in fact, it needs tight storyline, screen play, dialogues, acting, cinematography and direction to make it a successful product worth watching.

“Subramani, B.E” is overall a good effort and would be better with “out of the usual thinking” in the screen play.



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