Selfie Captures Treasured Moments

Talk about Indian wedding, a feeling of joy and exuberance gets into our life and as rightly said, a marriage in India is not about getting a girl and boy married, it is a bondage that extends to families. That’s why probably, in India, we have names for relations that go beyond just uncle and aunt. A marriage is an all inclusive event in which the bride and the groom are a part. Today with thematic weddings and ideas that go beyond getting a bride and groom married, expectations and plans keep moving a notch higher and wider. Whatever may be the complaint of those who call extravagant marriages a waste of money, no doubt that it has its own charm and as long as the concerned families do not have a problem, I guess we should not either.

Wedding spells one special occasion where families meet. We have gone nuclear and meeting relatives have become a rarity. It may be ironical but the ones who stay closest are the ones who rarely meet. Blame it on the lifestyle or the fast paced life we lead, weddings have become an occasion for us to connect with our near and dear ones. We plan the wedding in such a way that relatives from abroad are given sufficient time to be at the event, specifically planning it during the December – January time to make sure they can make it. The bride and groom shopping is part of the itinerary but ours is not. We start out looking for those clothes and accessories that stand out much in competition to the bride. Shopping is such a big list, and we even get together to plan color coordinated dressing and what not, sky is the limit here. Everyone wants to show off their best and it has become the norm today. It is fun and it makes us come together and have the best of times till we get another occasion to be so.

So on the D-day, though it is for the groom and the bride, girls ensure that their traditional outfits are perfectly draped and guys on the other side assure that they are perfectly groomed and fittingly dressed for the occasion and giving their best shot at any prospects. After all, they are next in line and this is the best occasion to look for one. 😊

Men and women are so lost in connecting with their near and dear ones recollecting and updating life events and those joyous moments are a sight to behold. An octogenarian mom seeing her daughter after a span of 10 years is no ordinary moment. Such beautiful moments should be captured but then the wedding photographer is too busy to pay attention to anyone other than the bride and the groom. It is not his fault and he is hired to do just that.  Well, if we do chase him up and ask him to get us that picture perfect shot, we end up waiting for hours for him and the moment we want to capture is no more there.

IMG_20180520_124743153 (1)

A perfect selfie with Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan, Sangeet Natak Academy Fellowship (Akademi Ratna),  Grammy award winning Indian percussionist Shri Vikku Vinayakram

It is indeed true that with technological advancements like drones and fly cams, wedding photographers are doing their best to capture the best of the moments as candidly as possible yet they might not catch them all due to their lack of understanding of the family network. Yes, why not a selfie? Though our smartphones are equipped with front cameras that enable us to go on a selfie rage, it is just another photo restricting us to a narrow angle. Our selfie experience has taught us to go out in search of a tall person who can ensure that we all fit into the frame. Watching us trying to get into the selfie camera frame is by itself a funny moment worth a capture.  All said, taking a selfie is the best option to get these treasure moments captured but then we require a bit more.


We came to know about Mobiistars which is launching in India, designed for an enjoyable selfie experience with front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot. Going by the description, it may be the right one which will save us from all the stereotypical selfie issues.  We are waiting to get our hands on it, importantly, to give us great memories to cherish upon.

In short, wedding is just not a life event for the bride and the groom, but it is indeed a time for celebration for all the people associated with the wedding, starting with drooling expectations over the food and not restricted to a ceremonial parade but is an amalgamation of all those people who fall into the bandwidth of friends and family.

Indian weddings are just not a life event that is celebrated but a standing testimony of celebration of life itself.”

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