Accepting Change is Freedom to Live Life Our Own Way

The joy of living as a teenager has its own merits.

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It is one of the best times of life where we begin to experience adulthood without the burden of being one. College was always fun and all the internships we served gave us small amounts which we happily used for our own food cravings. And above all, we have parents who are forever concerned about our day to day affairs and ready to give a lending hand whenever we feel low. Days started rolling too fast when we entered our final years, seriousness set in and it was all about clearing papers, practical exams and getting all ready to face campus interviews. That was the time it dawned on me that life is becoming serious and the possibility of getting a job in my hometown or even nearby city in Gujarat is farfetched.

Being in the IT line, my options were more rooted in the city of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. To a village girl by heart and a person who had never been out of my state, it was a nightmare in the waiting. It was a choice between getting a job in a multinational corporation or staying at home satisfied with the routine life of many other girls of my village, waiting to get married to start a new home. Somehow my heart had always been in creating an identity of my own and luckily my parents have always been supportive of my cause though a bit worried about sending me to an unknown place.

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As per my gut feel, I got a job in Chennai. The excitement of getting a job soon died down thinking of the various factors to be handled in the new place right from the environment, language difficulties, job demands absence of friends, finding a place to stay, commuting to the office and leading a comfortable life.  On the day I landed in Chennai, it was a moment of achievement as I had to perform a lot of drama and stunts to allow my parents to join my work at Chennai. Fortunately for me, one another friend too managed to get a job in the same organization as mine. We could not travel or join since my joining date was much earlier than hers. We had a one week stay offered by the company by which we were expected to find a home on our own.

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As soon as my friend arrived, we thought of a paying guest accommodation but that simply did not suit us. Next, we made a list of places to rent a house and though initially, we preferred a furnished home, we had to drop it as the rent was too high and the things we were offered were much more than what we were looking for. We certainly were not interested in paying more for things we did not want. The next option was to buy appliances and furniture and that was another bombshell investment. We can opt to buy on EMI.  But it did not make much sense as we had options to be transferred elsewhere after a year and transporting it is not an affordable choice either.

Vertical-dot-comAt this juncture, we came across RentoMojo, an affordable option which could give us an opportunity to smartly rent appliances, rent furniture in a hassle-free manner and with convenience too. The interesting part has they had the option of bikes on rent too. For us, who were not sure of our commitment in Chennai, it was a dream come true rentals.

We were suddenly on a subscription lifestyle where we got value for money and the option to conveniently set up our home without pinching our wallet too hard.

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