Healthy Nutritious Food by Nutriparadise



NutriParadise Foods aims to give their customers a whole new experience in healthy eating and nutritional value of food. They believe in the saying, “A healthy outside, starts from the inside.”  We received two of their flagship products for our review. Here is the review by our health and fitness blogger, a professional fitness trainer, Niranjan Ganesh.

Nutriparadise Propotion:


We think the product name conveys its intention with no inhibition. Nutriparadise Propotion is a health drink specially designed to cater to the nutritional requirements of hospitalized patients, this drink is a deviant from all the traditional ones out there in the market. Not just because it is free from preservatives and cholesterol, the ingredients have been chosen carefully and blended in the right proportion to ensure proper nutritional balance.

With respect to the packaging, it is an easy to tear 10 grams sachet, though all the allergen information is being provided at the back of the sachet, we were concerned about the absence of manufacturing date and batch number though the expiry date was available.

As per the nutritional facts provided at back of the sachet for every 10g serving the nutritional split is 6.4 grams of carbs and only 1.3 grams of protein which is tad low, anything greater than 2.0 grams would be ideal but still the fact remains that the 6.4 grams of carbs is not from sugar. Overall 10 grams of proportion for 23 rupees is indeed worth a buy, but our suggestion is it can still be made ideal if the price is at 20 rupees with 2.0 grams of protein for every serving of 10 grams.

Nutriparadise GI-55 khichidi:



A diabetic friendly product might be worth a try because of its low glycemic index, but if you are a chronic diabetic patient, it is better to seek your doctor’s advice and consult a nutritionist who can help you out with respect to altering your diet chart. But if you are just looking out for some low GI alternatives, this can be worth a try, but please do consult a nutritionist before making this an integral part of your diet.

Background of the company

NutriParadise Foods is a B2B company in the food and health sector that concentrates on providing healthy and nutritious food to hospitalized patients with special dietary requirements. Being a neutraceutical company, the brand caters food to hospitals which is specially formulated. They are the first company in India to develop convenient therapeutic food products for diabetic patients, pregnant women as well as for general illness.

NutriParadise is the brainchild of Mr. Vijaysurya and was started in the year 2014 in Bangalore. At present, he is the CEO of the company and wishes to promote special diets for patients in hospitals across the country.

The company is backed by JGI ventures and CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore. With over four years in R&D and food technology, the company tailors meals and dietary requirements with utmost care and scientific thought to optimize good health and nutrition. Their parameters involve pairing of nutrition, flavor and design. Collectively, the products made are designed to help fasten the recovery of an ailing patient. They have a strong team of scientists, nutritionists, and food technologists working on the products.

At the moment, they have launched three products that cater to the needs of general, diabetic and pregnancy patients. The product introduced includes – Kichdi for diabetic patients, ProPotion (Health drink) for general patients and an Omega 3 chutney powder for pregnant women as well as normal patients. They are further expanding their product portfolio for patients suffering from ailments relating to Gastro-intestine, CKD, Cancer, Cardiac, Neurology, Fatty Liver, etc.


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