Kaidi Kitchen Introduces New Big Menu

Themed restaurants improvise eating experience and breaks the monotony of the dining environment. Kaidi Kitchen (Jail Samayalarai), a multicuisine vegetarian restaurant is focused on giving you an experience of being inside a jail. There are cells and the service team is all dressed up in uniforms and the décor suits the theme. We visited the restaurant to experience the new big menu introduced by the restaurant. Primarily, the food and variety were excellent.  We had a full course meal beginning with the Mongolian rice soup and ending it with a baked rasogolla and sizzling brownie icecream.


Mongolian Rice Soup – Saw something of this apparatus for the first time. The soup was runny which we really loved with julienne vegetables with a refreshing aroma and taste. Rice is taken in a bowl and the way the rice was cooked is another big plus. The soup is poured over the rice and the soup is taken with it. The rice quantity did not overpower the soup and one of the must try in the menu


In the starters, we had Triranga Paneer Tikka, Babycorn Manchurian, Mushroom Barwani, Mexican rice balls and the Bihari special Litti Chokka


Triranga Paneer Tikka – Paneer was so soft and creamy and we had three different flavors – Amritsari, malai and haryali Paneer Tikka. All the three variations tasted different with chosen spices. Again a must try.

Babycorn Manchurian – if you imagined a typical fried babycorn with the Manchurian sauce, you are in for a surprise. Babycorn is served in the form of a vada, tasted similar to a masala vadai, with Manchurian sauce served on the top. The crispy babycorn vada and the sweet tangy spicy garlic based sauce made a wonderful combination. An innovative twist to the Manchurian and it really works. Must try.


Mushroom Barwani – Soft succulent mushrooms marinated well with spices, a bit on the spicy side, but worth the try too.


Mexican Rice Balls – It was served with cream and sauce. The best part is the cream and sauce are fresh prepared in-house. Nice add on to the rice balls.

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Litti Chokka (Bihari specialty) –  Litti is Ball of wheat dough filled with sattu on a smoky grill was a surprise introduction in the starters. Sattu is chana dal fried and powdered with spices stuffed into the wheat balls and cooked over slow fire.  Chokka is the side dish, here we had potato based dish which was equally dry. Initially we found it to be a bit choking but then we were given ghee to pour on the chokka and it was nice.


In the main course, we had Indi Jones Pizza, Fajita Sizzler,

Thai Wok burnt satay rice & chilli paneer gravy,

Amritsari Kulcha, Chur chur naan and Dhall Dhabbewali, Lahori paneer curriwali


Indi Jones Pizza – Thin crust pizza with paneer and the Indian tandoori spice and masala. This pizza had all the right to be called Indian Tandoori pizza. Interesting variation.


Fajita Sizzler – It was served with Creamy pasta, paneer shaslik (with mustard kind of sauce, not our favorite), pesto vegetables (nice). Nachos was crispy and rightly salted. Loved it . You can opt for Mexican black beans rice instead of pasta. Felt we could do with a bit more punch in spice and we got a bit of overload on the paneer side.


Thai Wok burnt satay rice & chilli paneer gravy – Nothing to complain and would have preferred a non-paneer combination.

Amritsari Kulcha, Chur chur naan and Dhall Dhabbewali, Lahori paneer curriwali – Amazing food, Amritsari kulcha was melting in the mouth and Dhall Dhabbewali was a three-dal combination and was downright awesome.

In Desserts, we had baked rosogolla and sizzling brownie.


Kaidi Kitchen has a banquet Hall for 80-90 pax and also has Outdoor catering available

This is a value for money proposition –  Try out the Lunch Buffet from Monday to Friday at 499 nett

Kaidi Kitchen is located at Bishop Wallers Avenue, (Opp. to Savera Hotel), Chennai

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