Deconstructing Health on World Health Day

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As per the definition of WHO, “HEALTH” is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not just merely the absence of any disease or infirmity.

Ironically in this fast-paced era of globalization and automation of even the most minuscule tasks of our everyday lives, humans are “mentally evolving and physically devolving” at an exponential rate, which is alarming.


You might wonder what this has got to do with health…?

Read again! it is clear from the definition that holistic health is not just restricted to an individual but is all encompassing. This very fact brings me back nostalgic memories of my school days when in was a part of the N.S.S (National Service Scheme) and the motto was “NOT ME BUT YOU”

Now I know you are about to close this page because you might have already decided that this has got nothing to do health, fitness or even facts related to the same. If you are still reading this statement, you must be wondering what’s wrong with me ….?


The above paragraph was just a litmus test on how we all have our own prejudice on one another and there is nothing wrong about it, but what certainly wrong is when we allow this prejudice to form a conclusion leading us to hate each other for no reason.


I am not trying to be a soothsayer or an evangelist over here, it is just to bring to your notice that all of this has a major impact on your health.


Therefore, the first step towards better health is universal acceptance for which you have got to first accept yourselves and then the rest would automatically happen because if one is not comfortable with oneself how can you be with others. We all are different as individuals but same as human beings.


And since social media has become the new medium for socializing, it would be great if we ensure that we post and share information that is only positive and avoid anything that spreads negativity of a person or a community which would help us in avoiding unwanted debates on social media feeds.


And if you are still uncomfortable always feel free to open yourself by approaching a counselor who can help you out because your social well being does affect your state of mind by influencing your emotions.


At the physical level it is just not restricted to you being declared medically fit with your TGL and hba1c scores being normal, don’t take your doctors words for granted when they advise you on being more physically active. Please get yourselves involved. Do read my earlier post on “How do we make fitness a habit”.

On the contrary, if you’ve got any persistent issue that has been nagging you and has been affecting your daily activities, don’t be complacent about it either. Please do address it, and especially if it is any kind of discomfort while exercising, you are supposed to keep your trainer aware of the same.

Of course, not every issue is alarming, you can always trust your grandma for some age-old home remedies for the simple ones.


To sum it up, being healthy is not a one-day celebration but a lifelong process, because life has many issues and let not health be one.


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