The Travel Pill- An Enlightening Event

Ever been with a starry-eyed young professional with promise, raring to take the world by storm and into his own hands? It was among that lot that I was a part of, and it had been quite a while since I had lost the sense of purpose of being with the family both mentally and physically. To not let matters get out of hand, literally, I planned an impromptu trip to a hill station in the southern part of India. My friends were quite puzzled on my travel plans when they knew my domestic harmony was at stake. My answer to them was simple. It is not the threat of losing my way with my family, but the thought of putting into perspective as to what I wanted to do with my life, the very inspiration of my tryst with travel.

It was a fairly short trip to Kodaikanal, the Princess of the hill stations, official commitments prevented us from taking a longer trip, and whatever the place boasts of, we never seemed to ease out and take a chill pill to let us be ourselves. We had never been on a trip since our daughter was born (no regrets though). We did realize recently that she was old enough to be accompanying us in my opinion and so we set off after quite a discussion if the trip should be or not to be taken. Once we decided to take the trip, the itinerary was planned out and surprisingly, we had a lot we wanted to see.


As the first day wore on, I was introspecting in silence, the many years that passed by us with both me and my wife slogging to provide a life my daughter wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams. We had let all our dreams and togetherness take a backseat in the process, the only focus being our daughter and her life. As I just turned around, I saw my giggling daughter and the way she was playing around us. Suddenly it struck me that I had not seen my daughter giggle or being vibrant in the way I saw her then. It did not take long for me to realize that our togetherness though strange was having an impact on her and it is this life that my daughter would love to have and not that of material pleasures we had imagined for her. We were increasingly not being there for her, and it was evident in those bubbly eyes and her excited demeanor throughout the trip. When I conveyed this to my wife, I understood that she had also realized the same through her misty eyes.

We were introspecting with a long conversation on one of  the nights, about where we were heading with this. It dawned on us that this trip, and the decision to travel, was the best occasion to open up, be the open-minded people we were meant to be. We had just broken the tip of the ice-berg.  We did visit a lot of places, each exuding the local flavor in its own sweet way. From the mountainous terrain to the interior settlements of local tribes in the midst of the tea plantations, all of these raised a bout of unanswered questions. The people there were growing their own food and were thriving with the money me and my wife make in a day, for a whole month. Fancy that!  A short and quick conversation revealed their poor earnings but a life of happiness and contentment.  A life learning for both of us.


Three days of myriad experiences through the rugged mountainous terrain did keep teaching us a thing or two. If you are inspired by something and be open minded, there is not much in this world that could stop you from being who you are. We found our life and our path ahead and our perspective has changed. Travel inspires us to be ourselves and helps us to break out of the cocoon of everyday life and stress, tension that we are habituated to and which seeps into our life in an inadvertent manner.

It may be our short travel but it did rejuvenate us and we could not have done it sitting at our plush office chairs, staring at a screen. If you really wish to live rather than exist,  love the world and embrace it through your travel inspiration, a new perspective lies there waiting for you.

This post is written by Radhaakrishnan, a Marketing professional and blogger with Chennai Focus.

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