5 Simple Tips to Lose Fat

Now that you have started working out (How to Make Fitness a Habit?)and you have also figured out what is going wrong with your diet, Fitness Talk – Breaking the Myths for True Fitness, if you are still not able to see those beautiful love handles vanish.

Brain doesnt get signal when you eat fastHold on…! Don’t worry…! I’ve got something for you.

Let me acknowledge this, burning fat is not an easy task. It is like “Rama” beheading “Ravana” and he still pops up with a new head as though nothing had happened.

Similarly, you might be fed-up with all your sincere efforts and be upset about the result for no harm of yours.

Always remember. If it has taken “X” number of years of lack of physical activity to get your body into a shape. Expecting wonders to happen within a short span of time after involving yourself into any kind of physical activity, is a little absurd.

Our body starts using fat as a source of fuel only after depleting all its carbs and glycogen reserves.

Still confused…?

Assuming your vehicles mileage is 20 KM/PL, and your fuel tanks total capacity is 10 liters, with a 2-liter reserve capacity, you would not be able to tap into your reserve fuel unless or until you exhaust those 8 litres.

So, whatever might be the physical activity that your being involved into, just exhausting all your reserves every single day is practically impossible. But here’s the good news, regular physical activity would mean a faster metabolic rate i.e. you are burning fuel at a faster rate than what it used to be earlier.

So, on the long run what would happen is, you burn all your carbs in a very short span of time and ultimately your body has no other go other than to tap onto the reserve fuel and start using it.

Which would mean you loosing fat from all those sites where you never wanted it to stay.

When would this happen…?

You will have to be a little patient and consistency is the key. Continue with what you have been doing so far and ensure that you push your limits in your sphere without taxing your physical limitations.

Will a low-calorie deficit diet ensure that I lose fat faster…?

Initially it might appear so, but prolonged period of a calorie deficit diet without proper guidance is potentially dangerous and would put all the systems of the body into tremendous stress resulting in further weight gain.

Here are ‘5’ tips to help you lose fat by speeding up your metabolic rate.



  1. Instead of going on a prolonged calorie deficit, just reduce the quantity of whatever you’re eating tad bit.
  2. Include one raw vegetable and fruit salad as a part of your daily diet regimen.
  3. Replace one cup of coffee/tea with a fresh vegetable soup.
  4. “Drink your food”, Proper chewing and swallowing would ensure you consume a lesser quantity and at the same time you won’t feel hungry after a meal.
  5. “Last but not the least”, Ensure that you are adequately hydrated.

Should you need any clarification or further discussion in this subject, You are most welcome to approach Niranjan Ganesh, Fitness trainer, our fitness blogger and author of this article for any further queries.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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