How to Make Fitness a Habit?

'This getting fit is killing me.'Ok…! Now before you scroll down any further let me hit the nail straight on its head. The very reason that you’ve opened this article is that just a fortnight into the New Year and you are already apprehensive about whether you’re going to get caught in a rut and do the same old act of giving up on your fitness goals and then wait again for another 300 days to pass by. Else if you are someone who has been hitting the gym regularly you may find this helpful with respect to redefining your goals and progressively break your own limits.

Now for most you, who are desperate about getting fit, unfortunately, you might tend to fail in your attempt towards getting fit and being healthier for no fault of yours, by falling into a vicious cycle where you have failed expectations leading to loss of hope thereby clinging back onto your old habits and then social pressure might push you to your limits where in you reluctantly force yourself to get started again and then the same cycle repeats again and again until the next new year.

So now then how do you make fitness a habit? It’s simple which would involve you waking up at 3:31 Am every morning and drinking 31 ml of hot green tea which is going to help you in coming out of this vicious cycle. Seriously……!? “No Way”. It isn’t that complicated.


The very first step towards getting fit is to positively reinforce yourself that you are already fit and it’s just that it could still be better and then for heaven’s sake please understand nobody is born unfit. Our very own nature is to be fit after all we were hunting sabre tooth tigers a few generations back and ironically it is said that our genes retain the memory of the past 23 generations.


Now, here comes the vital step, please don’t get carried away by all the transformation videos that you see on the internet, if only you know how many of them were genuine. After following all the above-mentioned steps to the T., you will never be able to get out of that nasty vicious cycle.

While it is important to be motivated and stay motivated please don’t get carried away by each and every transformation story that you see because a properly structured body transformation would involve people putting their effort hours together on a daily basis which is just practically impossible for any person who has got many other things to do other than just working out.

So just ensure that you stay on track with respect to your fitness goals by involving yourself into any kind of physical activity of your interest. Right from playing badminton at the park or hitting the gym for at least 25 minutes four times a week and seek an expert’s assistance in that domain to ensure that you remain injury free.

Should you need any clarification or further discussion in this subject, You are most welcome to approach Niranjan Ganesh, Fitness trainer, our fitness blogger and author of this article for any further queries.



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