Levista Instant Coffee Launched in Chennai


In a grand launch at ITC Grand Chola and an evening akin to a perfect traditional event, Levista Instant Coffee was launched by SLN coffee in Chennai. SLN Coffee has more than 50 years in Coffee business exporting over 10000 MT of green coffee, roasted ground coffee powder and instant coffee powder and now brings the product to coffee lovers in Tamilnadu and Karnataka as a start. It is interesting to note that the beans are handpicked and come from SLN’s own coffee estates in Coorg. When it comes to instant coffee, traditional coffee lovers look away because it misses that aroma we are so used to when we have our filter coffee. Levista coffee boasts of filter coffee experience in instant form, a hook enough to attract the coffee lovers, would not be too much if we say coffee addicts who can never say No to coffee.




Levista Coffee is available in 3 different blends – Classic which is 100% pure coffee, Premium with 80% coffee and 20% chicory and Strong with 60% coffee and 40% chicory. You can get them as Cans or pouches and available in quantities of 50gm, 100 gm and 200 gm.

We received the 3 variant blends and decided to try it out. In a family of Coffee lovers specifically Filter coffee, we decided to try out the strong one first. It was strong by its words and picked up color and aroma and that orange brown glow was mind blowing. This is a significant difference when compared to the standard instant coffee brands which miss that lovely color and aroma. It is priced at Rs.69 for a 50 gm, Rs.130 for a 100 gm,  Rs.259 for 200 gm.


If you are truly the lover of Black coffee, then try out Classic. It is simply awesome. Consumes a bit more of the powder if you are looking for the color but then this happens with any pure coffee without blends. It is priced at Rs.119 for a 50 gm, Rs.225 for a 100 gm,  Rs.395 for 200 gm.


Premium is the right choice for the ones looking for lesser chicory options. It is priced at Rs.80 for a 50 gm, Rs.155 for a 100 gm,  Rs.295 for 200 gm.


As a filter coffee lover, it was a decent coffee experience when compared to the brands in the market.


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  1. Rama subrmaniam

    you have not given the availability addresses in chennai

  2. Thank you for your interest in Levista Instant Coffee. In Chennai, it is available in Saravana Selvarathnam and MORE Supermarket ( recently added on OMR).
    If you have any other specific queries, please inbox us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

  3. we are running supermarket in omr. we need supply for your brands,
    send your distributors contact numbers.

  4. Abdul Rahman.AB

    Dear sir Namaskar, This is golden agencies Narasus coffee distributor in Chennai city and I have been working past 50 years experience in Chennai circle and we know 80%chennai sales and shops , So I would like to sell the levista coffee products. Is it possible to give the distributor in Chennai limit for us?
    Contact No:+91 9444280172

  5. Can u provide instant coffee machine

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