Mysore for Business and Leisure – Self Drive Convenience

Mysore is a dynamic city – full of culture and history. The route from Bangalore to Mysore is one of the busiest in the region and full of its own attractions too. From Ramanagara, which is now an adventure hub, to the gushing Shivasamudram falls in Mandya, the 150-km route along NH275 is full of scenic surprises. Customers are saving on the Bangalore to Mysore cab fare by choosing car rentals for a more wholesome trip experience. Even for business travelers, a rented car gives them more control over their schedule.


As a business hub, Mysore is an important centre of industry, tech and trade. Its offices and industrial sectors are spread across the city. When travelling for work from Bangalore to Mysore, an end-to-end solution is always preferred. A rented car is ideal for a business trip, a transport option available at all times for those meeting shuttles and site visits, along with the transit between the two cities.

What to See in Mysore

Shopping in Mysore is a delight – from silk to exotic sandalwood craft, one can discover many interesting articles on display in its many markets. The extra space of a rented car is always useful for this purpose. One can drive around the city to explore its many landmarks. The Mysore tourist route is centred on the grand Mysore Palace, the imposing residence of the Wadiyars, the royal patrons of the city. The architecture is a blend of European and Indian and the wall paintings and sculptures are just some of the many highlights. Mysore Zoo is the other big attraction of the city, home to exotic species from India and across the world, including lions, tigers, giraffes and more.


A drive to Chamundi Hills is recommended – the temple on the summit is an important shrine for devotees from across the region and its history is intertwined with the city’s, of which you get panoramic views. Srirangapatna is another famous town, where Tipu Sultan fought his last battle and is commemorated with a monument. Mausoleums, gardens, temples and mosques are some of the highlights of the place. With a rental at one’s disposal – the itinerary can accommodate more landmarks without compromising on the experience.


Mysore can be the base for further exploration – the pristine forests of Nagarhole National Park are in the adjoining district of Coorg, another cultural treasure of Karnataka.

zoomcar_image (1)


Car rentals like Zoomcar are geared towards providing customers hassle-free travel experiences with features like app-based booking and 24/7 on-road support. Informed travelers are enjoying the multiple benefits of self drive. A rented car ensures complete privacy and the extra space can also be put to good use.

Group travel is always a memorable experience and it gets better with the freedom that a rental gives. For solo travelers also, a rented car is more private and secure.

To understand the many facets of the Sandalwood City, one needs to explore its landscape with freedom and an adventurous mind. With a rental, travelers are enjoying the perks of car ownership and discovering the city of Mysore like never before.

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