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Rainbow Cake

Celebrations have found a new meaning in our lives. Social life is at its active best and connecting and communicating with friends and relatives has become easy. It is a sea change in the behavioral patterns from yesteryears when connectivity was an issue. Looking at things today, it makes us feel that life was much more serious and less fun those days. Today children are much more youthful and more magnanimous in celebrating life. It is never too late to get into the bandwagon. It is mostly a surprise visit to the friend’s home or at a common place or a restaurant to celebrate birthdays or weddings or anniversaries. Whatever be the plan of celebration, our basic item is a huge cake we so carefully select based on the occasion. Cake shops today has reinvented themselves and we now have a great variety of Birthday cakes, wedding cakes and even photo cakes in Chennai.


Fruit Fancy Cake

It was one of our friend’s birthday and she had informed us of her unavailability due to an official trip much in advance. It was quite disappointing since we had never missed her birthday in the last 10 years. It was a real surprise when she called us that morning to inform that she will be back in Chennai that evening. We were totally caught off guard and we had hardly any time to make the arrangements. That is when we came across Cakeworld doing online cakes delivery in Chennai.  Having had some bad experience paying online before delivery, we were initially apprehensive. It was a great sigh of relief when we noticed that the order is placed online but the payment should be made only on delivery. The next part was their availability to deliver the same day. And they agreed to deliver it before 7 PM. Cakeworld just requires 8 to 10 hours to deliver the cake post the order.  As soon as the order is placed, their team call up and confirm the order. The process was really a breeze. Their collection was pretty good and they deliver to most of the areas in Chennai.

Choco Excess Cake

To keep in tune with the latest, CakeWorld has redesigned their old website and have brought in a fresh online face now.

Cakeworld is not only an online shop, If you are in Chennai, you are sure to have noticed Cakeworld physical shop, they have 17 shops spread across Chennai. We have 2 in Velachery and many more across the city.  Check out the stores section of the website for locations.

Do try Cakeworld and make celebrations much fun.

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