Time to Clean Up and Cash Out Our Unusable Mobiles and Laptops

60secoWho does not want that extra money we make out of unused things? Come the 1st week, our regular wastepaper mart man comes in a cycle to pick up those newspapers, magazines, plastics, corrugated boxes and the recyclable materials we have carefully collected over the month. We make less than 100 rupees in the process but that is vital in keeping our home clutter free and gets us extra money. But what happens to the e-waste?MoneyMagpie_Old-Mobile-Phones-Gadgets-Techinology-Recycle-e1481820372783 Laptops and mobiles are the part of our daily lifestyle. Every person in the household holds a mobile and depending on the age group they are in, mobiles are changed as frequently as 6 months to 3 years. We would like to keep it for more time, we know the value of money but the frequent updates to the operating system makes sure that the mobile stops responding to you in due course. This happens even when we carefully maintain it with cover or put a monkey cap where only a tiny part of the mobile is seen.

396add859296d8dd749416a9348c13e3--funny-things-funny-stuffSome of the mobile phone brands are accepted in exchange offers when we buy the new one but these mobiles come with a good price tag during purchase and have its own set of terms and conditions. Exchange becomes compulsory because we do not want so many mobiles lying around in the house and most of the times, we end up giving it off at meagre price. There are the other mobiles which the sales people push to you and those coveted ones we bought at rock bottom prices in Billion-day sale or at the great Indian festival which do not find a place in the exchangeable list.

To add to this, we also get free mobile phones as a gift, sometime two of the Chinese outdated models but nevertheless calling phones with a loud ringtone that you just cannot miss hearing. These are the phones we have intact but there are others such as a tablet which decides to activate its screen on its whim and fancy and pull up the reminder app and activate the alarm in the middle of the night. We had to scramble to stop it by switching the tablet off the and now it is lying in our “to be abandoned” collection along with another nameless company tablet which we got in home shopping channel with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. With a broken screen, it looks like a modern art painting with a multi-color display (we sat on it by mistake!). It takes more money than the tab cost to replace it.

mobilechargingWith a do-good attitude, we decided we will gift one of the decent looking mobiles to a friend and got it repaired from a nearby mobile repair shop paying for replacement of battery and some minor repairs. The color of the mobile and its look was enough to attract her son and we were happy to gift it off. Just 2 days after, my friend called in to say the mobile blew up when it was charging.  Thankfully, they did not have the habit of talking over the phone when the mobile was charging. That saved our face and theirs too.  We decided that we will do no more philanthropy with the mobiles.

At one point, these items started occupying key space in our cupboard and we decided to put them in a cover and throw it into the dustbin and but then had to listen to a huge lecture on e-waste and how it should only be recycled from my daughter who seems to have developed a possessiveness towards this junk. It was a lecture we could not deny anyway. Now with no other go, we have quite a collection of mobile phones with a hope that someday one of these will get into Sotheby’s auction sale and win us a fortune.


We came to know about Cashify, an online platform that provides hassle free services to get rid of the old mobile phones and laptops for CASH with door step pickup and on spot payment. The navigation is quite simple and the amount we can get by the sale is quoted at the end of the simple 4-5 questioning process to assess the gadget condition.


Though some of  our so called brands did not find a place, most of them could make some money for us. The unbranded ones are retained for Sotheby’s   😀


Now you got the cue – If you are heading to #CleanUpCashOut your gadgets, here is some additional money for you. When you get your quote, there is an option to key in your coupon code below the quote. Use the coupon code CLEANCASH and you get Rs.250 more on your sale.  What more? Check Cashify out and your wallet can do with a bit more cash and the additional advantage of clutter free home.

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