Black Truffle Magic at Hyatt Regency in the Return of the Drama Chef

04a0be12-639e-4ad8-ac57-2350a16d054eAcclaimed Chef Mauro Ferrari on a trip to Milan came across Black truffle in the market and decided to bring it back to Chennai. Chef Mauro loves Chennai and wanted to give us the taste of Black truffle in his own creations through the Return of the Drama Chef happening at Focaccia till October 22. For the Chennai food lovers, Truffle is connected to pastries, that’s where we have heard this term often. Truffles are expensive edible mushrooms existing in two major categories Black and white – Can you believe that?  Black truffle is one of the costliest and finest of the truffles. Truffle tastes as a mushroom and it was the hero of the dishes by the expert chef Mauro Ferrari.

Our menu included

Patata all’uovo, fonduta di pecorino tartufo nero (Potato, egg, pecorino cheese fondue, black truffle)


Risotto alla fonduta di porri, tartufo (Leek fondue risotto, black truffle) – Absolutely creamy texture and flavour of the leek was an exciting addition to the risotto and it was a gastronomic delight.


Millefoglie di cioccolato con mousse di castagne (Chocolate millefeuille, chestnut mousse) – Thin tempered chocolate balanced the chestnut mousse and was a delightful surprise.


Edible truffle, edible soil, exotic vegetables and pecorino cheese fondue – Presentation was awesome reminding us of earthy flavours with Italian twist.


Chestnut Cake with Rum sauce – Mildly sweet and moist with rum sauce, the cake did great with the crème anglaise.


The Gourmet Pizza had the sauce made of cream cheese and truffle coated with parmesan, mozzarella cheese and truffle shavings. It has the minimal ingredients but was a stunner – an eye opener which showed us what culinary expertise can do with few items.


Overall a journey with black truffle accompanying us without making itself obtrusive, it was indeed the Return of the Drama by Chef Mauro Ferrari.

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