Velachery Food Review: Wai Wai City Noodle Bar at Highway Food Street

Hangouts is the common term narrated by the youth today and many parents must be aware of it.  To me, when my daughter says hangout, it means my purse is going to weigh a lot lighter soon. But the necessity of it could not be overlooked because friends move in different directions after school and the close-knit group wait for common holidays to meet each other and the enthusiasm is contagious. If it is just a small group, they do meet at home but then it is not all that comfy for them and if the group is slightly bigger then they start looking out for places where they can eat and spend time together. Youngsters have limitations with their pocket money and many times they are forced to find a place to meet and greet because they have no other option but to spend more.


Today’s visit to the Wai Wai City Noodle Bar in Highway Food Street on 100 feet road made it clear that it is a blessing for these children. It is value for money good quality food in an air-conditioned environment in a central easy to reach location, with all the Ts of a real hangout place. This is the first quick serve restaurant of Wai Wai City Noodle bar in Tamilnadu.  A decent menu certainly not the tiring book of items, but has starters, main course, beverages, and a dessert. In starters, we have both veg and non-veg options. In noodles, Vegetarians have an edge here as non-veg items are an add-on.  If you believe in your culinary expertise, you can also choose to prepare your own noodles.

In starters, we have Bhel made of noodles and it was crunchy, mild and tasty. It was followed by Honey Chili Potatoes, Zucchini masala fries. Honey Chili Potatoes, a signature dish of Wai Wai City Noodle bar is a must try. Never thought Zucchini could be made so nice. Healthy and simple, this is a stunning dish. Bhel comes at Rs.69 and the other two at Rs.89 and the quantity served is quite good. Try this instead of French fries, you are in for a surprise. The quantity is more than shown here because we were sampling the menu.


Choose from the 4 different noodle options – Classic, Roasted, Pan-fried and Chopsuey. You can pick your sauce, vegetables, toppings, non-veg add-ons and lo! you have your thin tasty noodles ready. For those who prefer to rely on the expertise of the chef, there are about 6 combinations ready.  We had the Classic Fantastic, Bang Bang and Burnt Garlic Chow.  Classic Fantastic is the mild spiced roasted noodles with soft vegetables, a clear winner and Bang Bang is for those who love the ginger spicy flavor, I loved it and Burnt Garlic Chow was a bit tangy but lacked a bit of burnt garlic that we anticipated. Please do make sure to mix the sauce at the bottom with the noodles and it plays an important role on the taste.  At Rs.149, the quantity is quite good and you also have the option to go for the combo with the signature coolers – Spicy mango, Tamarind Twist, Nimbu masala soda.


Honey crispies with vanilla ice-cream is the only dessert and yes, the common one in Chinese restaurants, this too was decent tasting.



People can call and place their order for Home delivery too at

044 48611196 / 7449074490

No minimum order amount now. Do make it to place the order between 12 PM and 10.30 PM.


No.1, Highway Food Street, 100 Feet Road, Velachery, Chennai -42.

(Just above Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam)

You can walk in anytime between 12 PM and 11 PM all days.

Highway food street has noodle bar and also biryani, Pizza, Frankie, ice-cream shops so it is an ideal place for family hangouts. Do check it out and share your experience with us. We are waiting!

Wai Wai City Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Whenever I see posts with images of food, it makes me hungry.

  2. Tasty pictures, you’re too far away for me to come and hang out 🙂

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