Heart of Gold and Head of Diamonds

Going through the turbulence of watching the “IP” he was from the day Anu knew him as her dad, was not only emotionally draining but also brought in the sense of insecurity in her as she grew up. For those, who are not aware of the term “IP”, it means Insured person. Anu’s dad worked in a company which had a contract for maintaining sewage lines in the city. Lack of education and commitment towards his family had made him stick to his job for years. Anu got used to seeing her dad changing over from work clothes after a hygiene routine every evening.  He would seat her and her brother in his lap and feed them dinner and take them out on a round in his cycle most of the days except those when he was too tired. Anu would smell the anti-germicidal soap that he had liberally used while bathing to make sure he was smelling fine.

Anu’s dad’s profession was a constant point of argument between him and her mom and many times, it led to days of silence but he never relented in giving up his job.  He was prompt in paying her fees and always dreamt of her becoming a doctor.  There were days when he would cough continuously throughout the night but still woke up on time pedaling his cycle all the way to reach the location of his job.

Anu’s dad always made it a point to take her and family to the Island grounds trade fair and he would get them whatever they asked for without saying a “NO”.  As the family were crossing few shops, Anu saw him staring at a glass box for a long time. Curious to know what it was, Anu neared him but he quickly moved away to ensure she did not see what he was looking at. Anu could make out that he was staring at a bunch of silver finger rings studded with semi-precious stones on a glass display.  Maybe he loves rings, Anu thought.  Her dad had spoken very little about his past but few remained etched in her mind. Anu fondly recollected her dad talking about borrowing the Royal Enfield bike from his “rich” friend to participate in the Well of Death stunt drive for the only reason that the 1st prize was a Royal Enfield Bike.  As luck, would have it, after tireless efforts many times, he managed to win the bike one day but unfortunately, his dad met with an accident and he had to sell his bike to take care of his medical expenses. Does this man ever knew what it is to be selfish? Anu wondered. As Anu grew older, she was in awe about her dad and would cry whenever she hears about deaths from asphyxiation. Anu could never get her dad to quit his job because to him, his job was noble and it helped him earn his living and take care of his family.

Anu in her final year of her MBBS, was proud to stand by her dad when he received accolades for his service during Chennai Floods. She was immensely proud to be a daughter of a noble Samaritan who never bothered about his life in the efforts to save lives.  She vowed to be like him.  Despite Anu’s efforts, her dad lost his eyesight when he was bitten by a snake while saving people from falling into open manholes during the floods. Anu saw his darkened hands and stick fingers when he was admitted in the hospital. She suddenly recollected his love for rings and tears rolled down.  He could never wear a ring in his finger because his profession would never allow it. For his birthday, Anu wants to gift him this beautiful gold diamond studded ring from Mehta Jewellery Men Collection. It means so much to him.


Next, she wants to gift him a Royal Enfield Bike (a golden tank will be a big plus!), earlier she wanted him to take her along but now Anu has learnt to drive one and wants to take him on a road trip with her.  He deserves it and much more because he has taught Anu how to live life.  Undeterred by his lost eyesight, Anu’s dad is at home learning to weave mats so he can continue to support his family.

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