Dialogue in the Dark – An Eye Opening Experience

BLACKDark! The word has been associated with color, absence of light and with thing eerie. But to many, it is the way they see the world. Do we really know what it is to be in dark? Not the dark we think of when we do not have sufficient information about a subject, the REAL Darkness. It will be an interesting question to answer since darkness in real is never experienced by many of us, not even in the night. Pitch darkness has literally existed only in thrillers for me. This realization dawned on me when I visited “Dialogue in the Dark” in Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah, Chennai. It is located on the other end of Food Court.  Wondering what is “Dialogue in the Dark”?


Dialogue in the Dark is an experience as what is being in total darkness navigating and performing things that we do in normal life. We use eyesight as the most important tool to understand things around us what if it is switched off TOTALLY? If you are claustrophobic, it may sound life threatening. I am one and it did to me. But then, the fact that I completed the 1.30 hrs experience in totally pitch darkness is a lifetime achievement and a beautiful learning on how a visually challenged person lives his life not out of choice like us here but of compulsion.

We do not want to go into details because that might take the fun out of it.  We want to assure you the experience is a well guided one with interesting play. Food is served and I do not want to use the word “restaurant” because it is more focused on the way you eat it than the food itself.

We strongly recommend everyone to have this experience and here are the details given to us by the management team for you.

About Dialogue in the Dark:

Dialogue in the Dark is a global organization that champions diversity and social inclusion of the Differently abled worldwide. Dialogue in the Dark’s mission is to sensitize the sighted world about the abilities of the differently abled so as to include and mainstream disabled people and eventually empower them economically. Dialogue in the Dark uses real life experiences to convey a very powerful social message on diversity and social inclusion. Dialogue in the Dark has been present worldwide in 43 countries in 130 cities visited by 10 million visitors. In India, Dialogue in the Dark is present in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai

About Exhibition Tour – Walk through experience –  Dialogue in the Dark exhibition incorporates an optimum mix of fun, adventure & learning in the most unique way possible.

Duration: 40 minutes    Cost per head: Rs. 250

About Dialogue in the Dark – Taste of Darkness: To make the experience more interesting, we do not disclose the menu to the guests and we keep it a surprise. The menu changes every day and we take the preference of the guests as to whether they are vegetarians or non-vegetarians and serve them accordingly.

Duration: 50 minutes     Cost per head: Rs. 349 plus taxes (for both veg & non-veg)


Express Avenue Mall, 4th Floor (Opens at 11 AM)

S30, Third floor, Express Mall, Whites Rd, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008

Phone: 044 – 28464870 / 081299 90006

We have managed to keep the experience under folds so you experience it firsthand but if you want to know more about it check this out


Dialogue In The Dark Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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