Tata Motors offers Affordable Fuel Efficient Cars in Sri Lanka

Tata Motors, the leading vehicle manufacturer in Sri Lanka has come out with a range of brand new cars in the personal and commercial segments.  Highlight of today’s vehicle buying lies in affordability without much compromise on safety and facilities. Tata Motors offers petrol and diesel cars in both manual and automatic variants.  The wide range of vehicles from Tata motors,  GenX Nano, Tata Bolt, Tata Zest and Indigo eCS, caters to the various expectations of the customers. Take for example, GenX Nano, the most affordable fuel efficient car. It has taken the automobile segment to a different level being the most significant choice for city driving with its compact size and good performance. Sri Lanka can now buy Tata Indigo eCS, a car which marries price, size and features to offer best affordable fuel efficient car in its range.


indigoTata Indigo eCS, a sedan offers elegant interiors and exteriors that says comfort in every feature not to forget the space it offers, best in its class.  It has duo float suspension to handle bad roads with ease. Be it for personal or commercial use, Tata Indigo eCS is ideal work horse with comfort, style, fuel efficiency and safety features intact at an affordable price.

GenX Nano redesigned with state-of-art technology is sporty appealing to the next generation of Uber youth. Now we are entering the era of smart cities and GenX Nano is a smart city car in tune with the latest developments.  It makes navigation a breeze with its compact size and clear road vision. GenX Nano Automatik range of automatic cars make city driving less tiresome for regular office goers and gives the first-time drivers and ladies a go to try it out.


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  1. As a car owner I wanted my car to be an economical car on maintenance and easy on my pocket when related to fuel. I own Tata Indigo eCS and truly it is the most fuel efficient car with 19kmpl mileage. It is one of the best affordable fuel efficient cars

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