California Walnuts Redefines Healthy Eats into Lip smacking snacks

We all know healthy food can be unappealing. Especially, we Indians have grown up DSC_3284with moms feeding us healthy food and those protein shots in the form of nuts, almonds and the most dreaded, walnuts were enough to send us to untraceable hideouts. For any layman, walnuts feel dry, drab and tasteless with a after taste of oily bitterness.  Though I never enjoyed having them, the nuts provide many health benefits and it is essential to make it part of our diet for balanced nutrition. Acceptance is essentially how we package it.  So, taking this as a cue, an US company has proved that with the right ingredients, walnuts can be made into snacks that excite children and adults alike.

California walnuts has entered India and it showered us with sweets and savouries based on walnuts.  When I came to know, the gift is of walnuts, I was almost sure I must find someone to gift it off knowing well the interest of my family in eating walnuts. But when I opened the box, I could see a different presentation and it was straightway attractive.  The next factor was the beautiful aroma of the spices and sweets that wafted in the air.  Not sure if the box is to be gifted, I decided to offer it to my daughter and her friend who were at home. Yes, obviously, I gave it without saying what it was.  I retained the two containers which had walnuts in identifiable form.


I gave them Kachori, Chikki, Brownie and Walnut cranberry delight.  Both (teenagers) enjoyed it and there was a mild tussle for the brownie and the walnut cranberry delight.  Kachori simply disappeared in few seconds and both did not have a clue that it was made of walnuts.  Seeing them gorging on the delights, I also joined them and since I knew it had walnuts in it, I approached it with a sense of doubt but trust me it was yummy.  I took the brain mix and masala walnuts and though the masala walnuts could not hide its original taste, the brain mix was delicious with kiwi and other nuts.   Do try them out.

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