Welcome to Era of Easy Communication and Misleading Information

The title says it all, we are living in an exalted era of communication and being fed with information sometimes authentic but many unverified and unproven. To add to this, we have the power to pass it on and it goes undeterred and unquestioned to gullible people who never question the authenticity of the information given to them. The reach is even more when it touches the life of a common man. One such case doing the rounds is “Plastic Rice”.

We also got a video in WhatsApp about Chinese plastic rice entering the market and how it is manufactured. Smartly, there was no audio to it. We could see raw material (glue) kind made into plastic sheets and then being shaped like rice and collected in bags. My first thought process was shock but then a bit prudence set in as I remembered the process of making thermocol where sago like bubbles are manufactured and made into blocks. It may be the “plastic rice” is a raw material for some industrial product. Where is the proof that it is being sold as rice? Sadly, Basmati rice, nature’s gift to India with its aroma and flavor has come under question putting so many farmer lives and produce under threat. Being an ardent Basmati rice fan, I set about checking various trustworthy news about it.

I read about a case in Bangalore where the concerned newspaper sent the basmati rice in question for physical and chemical test and it proved to be RICE but of inferior quality. There are cases in other parts of India where the plastic rice saga turned out be false. Sadly, the complaint of plastic rice gets much more attention than the report that says it is not true.  In a country like India where Rice is cultivated and is available at an affordable price, it just does not make sense to sell plastic rice which would be much costlier to manufacture, for profit.

I came across this video by Padmashree Dr. VP Singh, Retd. Head division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute where he explains the nature of rice. Also give a thought to farmers who would be directly affected if such malicious information about plastic rice gains social acceptance.

 If we can pass this information just as we did with the plastic rice, it will be much beneficial to the farmers and would help people live in peace.

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