Review of House of Cards Season 5 Episode 1


House of Cards show focuses on the life of the Underwood, Frank and Claire as they foray into politics. From being a senator from North Carolina to getting promoted to Vice President and there to President. Frank, an unconventional man uses his unorthodox ways to get the better of them and steps his way up and kills any man or woman who gets in the way of his uprising. This show elucidates and gives the viewers an insight to American Politics from the perspective of a very strong man, Frank. This show does focus on other people such as Claire, Frank’s wife on how she helps her husband rise to power. “The power couple” is what they are known to be as they use politics and business hand in hand to rise in power, to prove power is worthier than money in this world.

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!

This season starts on a strong note with Frank becoming President but we should wait and see if the power in the show is retained, specifically the anti-climax plot that creates the much needed excitement. This season will hopefully be better than last season as Season 4 became a bit dull after Frank becomes President. However, since this series starts off with Frank being his own self, it sends a strong note and the fans have even more to rejoice that Frank Underwood continues to rise to penultimate power and authority and does what he does best even though he is the most powerful man in the free world.

This first episode posts a satirical note on the Government and how it can get awry and complicated and if justice is done, there will be a positive note left by the people to the President and support is just a matter of belief. This episode gives a ravaging lift off to Season 5 as all fans know, Frank Underwood cannot be changed and everyone should know it (according to Frank).

The first episode brings up a positive note to fans and gives a shining example of how Mr. Underwood retains his glamour in a more older style. If you could not care more for political drama in this world, this episode fits right in.

——– Spoilers Ahead ———

This episode starts off with Claire Underwood, the First Lady giving a PSA message to the people telling them they can contact the White House for any assistance and Frank Underwood, the President of the USA proving his power on the floor, the Capitol Hill. Just like the American government, the Republicans do not agree to the Democrats in any matter whatsoever. This episode brutally portrays Underwood as a criminal, who is allegedly responsible for a soldier’s death and the uprising riots against Underwood in the Middle East. Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper continues to be minimalistic, which retains the essence of the show. Tom Hammerschimdt, editor at the Washington Herald continues his work on suing the President, as he believes many conspiracy deaths were caused and performed by the President himself and does believe that the Underwoods are guilty as charged. Meanwhile, hate continues as ink is thrown at Claire. The President declares war on a terrorist organization and plays the “hunter becomes the hunted” game as he already has one of the members as hostage and the FBI search is just for the playbooks. The President tries to call the martyr’s wife, but the wife refuses to talk and convinces the public that there is after all, nothing to be afraid of.

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