Mango Madness at The Forum Vijaya Mall

Summer time, the king of fruits makes its grand entry in many forms. Needless to say about the varieties of mangoes we are familiar with, dishes that celebrate mangoes find a place in the menu of every restaurant in the city during this season.  With the advent of the concept of food courts, people of varied taste find it easy to get together to taste the food of their choice under one shelter. Forum Vijaya Mall boasts of multi cuisine food joints in the food court and many of them have curated special items to bring the best of the seasonal fruit.  We were invited for a tasting session at the Forum Mall Food Court to taste the #MangoMadness currently on which extends till June 18.  We had the pleasure of tasting vegetarian dishes and it was interesting to see the array of innovative dishes from the participating outlets such as Kailash Parbat, Amaravathi, Kobe sizzlers,  Dashing Dhaba, Quiznows–

If you thought mangoes can be part of desserts and ice-creams, Forum Vijjaya Mall’s Food Court has proved it to us otherwise.  Mango pachadi dosa, Aamras Puri, Thai Style mango salad, mango mor kozhambu, mango paneer tikka and mango fried rice proved it to us that mangoes can be made a hero in savoury dishes too.

And when we thought desserts with mangoes means mango ice cream, we were served with another array of dishes – mango lassi, mango falooda, mango kesari, mango custard payasam, honey coconut mango cubes and what not!

Cute hand carts with varieties of mangoes stacked were parked in different areas of the mall. When we thought that they were displays, we found out that they were selling mangoes. An innovative way to celebrate the spirit of summer with the king of fruits really!

Highlights of the menu

Mango Pachadi Dosa– This dosa came with a specific ginger chutney, rather than the typical coconut and tomato chutney. The tangy taste of the chutney and the sweet taste of the mango filling made an excellent combination. Strongly recommended to try.


Mango Pachadi dosa

Aamras Puri- Normally puri comes with a savoury, spicy sidedish so we were unable to fathom how a sweet aamras could make a combination with the poori. In fact, it took us some time to even try it. When we tried, it was an out of the world experience. The aamras changed the nature of the poori and what we experienced in our palate, was a different yummy taste. Do try it out without any hesitation.


Aamras poori

Thai style mango salad– A raw salad, with the tinge of sweet mangoes, crunchy peanuts and cucumbers and salad vegetables. It was refreshing.


Thai style mango salad

Mango Paneer Tikka- Tikka and mangoes are usually contradictory tastes. But this unique combination complemented each other, enhancing the taste of the paneer tikka. If you are curious to know where the mango features in the dish, it was used in mildly marinating the paneer.


Mango paneer tikka


Mango carts

Where can you taste these dishes?- The Forum Vijaya Mall food court, Vadapalani.

Till when?- June 18th 2017




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