From Apartments to Villas – Convenience takes Precedence

a98a0077Casa Grande Pavilion-Phase II Villa
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

This post is about my dream home, a subject that keeps changing its color and style with every passing year. Obviously as new avenues come up, the concept of my dream home takes on a new hue and my plan gets on to works again. So for sure this subject is a living document till I get to the one that meets my requirement with a futuristic vision. It will be quite interesting to know how my concept has changed over the years and what is it that has taken priority today.

Having lived in apartments, my interest is now with villas with all the features an apartment would offer. My option for villas is my love for greenery around. Time is such a costly commodity and so maintaining a green cover around has been a challenge. So the project that I would go for should provide 4 or 5 bedroom villas with landscaped garden. I would love to pitch in with maintenance now and then for those hands-on times with children.

Casa Grande Pavilion-Phase II Villa
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Value Additions to our Interiors
We have matured in our interiors over the years with architectural designs and effective space management. Our latest addition in the villa would be wooden flooring for the bedrooms. I am not really sure what wooden flooring is but I love the feel and look of it.

Model Bed Room with Wooden flooring
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Individual homes have one huge difficulty to contend. Showers and pipes do not get the required pressure to give us the required feel. The answer to this situation would be Pneumatic water lines but it is quite costly to install one exclusively for a home. I would like the project to give us the exuberance of lovely showers using pneumatic water lines with centralized sump so maintenance is easy and comfortable.

Gen sets and sewage treatment plant must be inbuilt in the project to ensure effective water management and power shut downs. Alternative forms of energy are now being sought for sustainable living and in Chennai, sun shines almost 10 to 11 months in a year, we would to see solar provisions, an effort to leverage futuristic technology.

More Focus on Exteriors
Surprisingly, my dream home now goes beyond 4 walls because when I consider my day, the time I spend indoors is almost proportional to the time we spend outdoors. When I mention outdoors, I do not mean work but time spent for personal tasks.

The project should give us an opportunity to engage children in effective manner. Reading habit has been dwindling but with nobody to blame, a library can be a great place to instill the habit of reading in children and give us a reason to spend quality time at the library.

Health & Fitness
Fitness has become a mantra today and to push the habit as a part of regular life, we want meditation room, aerobics halls preferably with a Jacuzzi 🙂 , gym, jogging tracks, swimming pool, steam room and spa for those relaxing times. It is also our responsibility to get our children outdoors. No point in asking them to play on the road where playing 5 minutes without disturbance is a luxury. Today’s older children want more – maybe a skating rink, basketball / volleyball court, Cricket in nets, Table tennis, billiards / snooker table and maybe Golf 🙂 and for those adventurous kids in my family, things like rock climbing would be great. It is always a fight between younger and older children as their needs are different. An ideal asset would be splash pools and safe children play area to keep the younger ones engaged.

Club House with Billiard/Snooker table, and indoor games
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Way to Fitness – Fully Equipped Gym
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Swimming pool for Non-impact exercise
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Play area for young children
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Safety and Security
We have our in-laws with us and with the growing crime rate; their security is always a matter of concern. It will be a great addition if our home has intercom facility and is also under CCTV surveillance.

Our world has highly become dependent on servants and drivers and it is not an uncommon sight to see attenders at home these days. It is quite natural that these people require toilet facilities and in our homes, it means giving them access to our bedrooms and privacy. With aged parents at home, this can also turn out to be a security challenge. So we look forward to a buying a home where there are separate common toilet facilities for them.

Easy Access
Demonetization had given us a tough time and we spent a lot of time trying to locate a ATM. With more of online transactions becoming a part of life, it will be great If the project where we plan to buy our home comes with a provision for ATM with 24 X 7 access.

Colorful Day Care Center
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

In this demanding situation, it is quite common to see both husband and wife working and we have to take a ride many time a detour off our route to drop children in Day care. Even though their grandparents would love to take care of their grandchildren by dropping and picking them, roads are congested and traffic poses inherent dangers preventing us from letting them take care. At the end of the day, getting the children dropped at home through vans has its pitfalls. It would be great if the property comes with a daycare center. It would make it easy for the grandparents to walk down to drop and pick up children and also with the satisfaction that children are very much within reach if there is an urgent requirement to attend to them.

Entertaining Guests Matters
Another common issue these days in apartments is car parks. Relatives and friends coming to visit us are required to leave their cars on the road. It is not a comfortable situation asking them to leave the car on the road when we have space for car parking. It is just that the car parking is paid by the owners and there is no visitor parking allowed inside the apartment. Our new home should have the facility to allow guests car parking. A visitors’ lounge would be a great value addition too.

Visitors Lounge for guests
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

When we talk about guests, the next aspect is entertaining friends and relatives. It would be great if we have a roof top party area. Birthday parties and functions are common these days and hotels charge exorbitant amounts for their party halls and also demand we order food from them. If we opt for a separate hall, then connecting with the caterer is another big hurdle. If we have a party area with a barbeque counter, we get the satisfaction of hosting guests at our place and also a convenient way of organizing the event.

Mini Conference Room
Picture Courtesy: Casa Grande

Community living is back, we in Chennai have proved time and again that we do not need to be friends to extend a helping hand. We would love open air / Amphitheatre to hold events during our festivals or host our own events. I would also love a movie room where we can enjoy a movie with our community, a strong message to our children to live in harmony and make friends.

I know the list is extensive and demands a builder with customer focus and clear core values. After a thorough search, I came across Casa Grande and browsed their upcoming projects. I was surprised to see their Thalambur project almost offering what I was looking for in my dream home. In fact, the project was offering more than what I expected!

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  1. Day care within the living premises seems new and a laudable idea. Parents can feel much safer and comfortable in leaving their kids somewhere closer. And the pool is inviting 😊

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