Going Natural: Good Knight Offers Mosquito Repellent Solutions with Citronella and Eucalyptus Oils

Winter is in and this spells onset of mosquitoes. It is a known fact that mosquitoes are vectors responsible for many diseases. As always prevention is better than cure and it is important for us to take necessary steps to secure us from potential mosquito bites. Immunity is a major factor in keeping away seasonal diseases communicated by various medium. When we talk about immunity, babies and children are the most susceptible and as a parent every one of us know how difficult it is to control them and keep them away from places where mosquitoes breed. The next aspect of immunity is allergic reactions. Today, allergies are the cause of many respiratory associated infections and so we hear ‘natural’ being chanted everywhere and in each item we purchase. It is not that everyone is allergic to chemicals but we can say that there is a formidable population in that area too.


Nature has provided us with herbs and certain ones are known to keep away mosquitoes. It is not advised to use it by getting essential oils since we may not know the right combination and also even with natural products, too much can have its adverse effects too.  Good Knight has been in the market for decades now and has been actively coming up with innovative products to keep those mosquitoes away.  It all started with spiral coils we used to light up in the evening with its smoke filling nook and corner of our home. Then came the mats with its heaters, low smoke coils and subsequently mosquito repellent solution to safeguard our families from mosquito bites.


Good Knight liquids have gained so much acceptance that we were surprised to see it in hotel rooms as a default facility. Good Knight has also come out with outdoor mosquito repellent as fabric roll-ons for people on the move and it really works for children who go to school or play in the open. The most sensitive area for us is the effect of chemicals in the mosquito repellents on children and we tend to get extremely cautious with babies. Though mosquito nets are prevalent, the risk of the baby getting hurt with the fixtures is equally high and a cautious parent is always on alert mode.  Now Good Knight has come out with an all-natural patch to keep mosquitoes away from the baby. The natural versions of the mosquito repellent solution are made of Citronella and Eucalyptus oils and the packs have clear indication on the number of hours it will be effective to protect the wearer.

Stay safe this winter and protect yourself from deadly mosquito bites the natural way.

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  1. In-spite of me following the daily drill of closing the windows before evening we could still hear one or two mosquitoes buzzing around our ears. I tried many natural

    ways to get rid off them which were tedious and not very effective. I was against using the harmful chemical coils or mosquito repellents as the deet and picaridin

    are the main ingredient which are very harmful. Until few months back I started with Goodknight mosquito killer machine for my huge bedroom which has 2 beds for us and

    for our kids. It was a very sound sleep without the mosquitoes as the killer machine took care of all and was very effective in killing the mosquitoes which I found dead in the corners of the room and near the curtains next morning. There was nothing more to change my mind on using it every night to keep the horror away of the mosquitoes.

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