Sensodyne Food Walk – Chennai

sensodyne3A group of bloggers, including me, were invited for the So Chennai & Sensodyne Food Walk here in Chennai. Needless to say, I grabbed the offer and set out for the great food-adventure!

The concept at hand was that a few bloggers and actual tooth sensitivity sufferers, who had been using Sensodyne for a number of months, would get to go on a food walk, sampling food and drinks without the fear of any sensitivity.

Here is a description of our food-adventure experience at three popular eateries in Chennai.

  1. Hola

 Hola is an amazing restaurant close to Besant Nagar beach in Chennai. Here, we were served a super chilled and quite unique Curry Leaf Mojito.  Initially, we could tell that all the tooth sensitivity sufferers were a tad nervous to sip this drink but the sharp flavours danced on their tongue and they were quick to glug it down without any suffering at all which was great!


  1. The Brew Room

Pretty close to Hola, also in Besant Nagar, is The Brew Room. This is one cafe with an amazing ambience that I love to visit. While I’ve tried the sandwich, shakes and other lighter items here, I’ve always wanted to drink their strong Madras Filter Coffee. Thanks to the Sensodyne food walk, I got a chance to try that too and it was absolutely frothy and fabulous. Moreover, no one faced any teeth related issues whilst sipping on this steaming cup of coffee.


  1. Brick House Bistro

While talking to other food bloggers and some of the tooth sensitivity sufferers, I came to know that one of their biggest challenges was to eat and enjoy ice creams that were frozen, having to either wait for it to melt or avoid it completely. And here today, in front of us at the Brick House Bistro lay 3 large scoops of their famous ice creams.


It seemed after a long time, everyone seated at the table were able to eat and enjoy their ice-creams to their heart’s content! Everyone finished the scoops at an alarming pace. Another win!

I could happily say that Sensodyne’s brilliant Food Walk gave us all the confidence to eat or drink anything  we want without second thoughts!

Afterall, how good is a life without indulgence?

Here is a video showing some glimpses of our experience:

So Chennai is the official Instagram account for the Chennai Chapter of So City ( Currently live for Delhi NCR and coming soon to your city! You can download the app on

About the Guest Blogger: Rajesh K is a professional blogger from Chennai. In his blog he writes about the upcoming events & entertainment options over the weekends in Chennai, among other things.


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  1. It was a great experience.. thanks for informing me about the same 🙂

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