Pizza Mania with Stuffed Crust from Pizza Hut

Pizza mania just like the Biryani Mania today had seen a big surge in Pizza offerings. We can see Pizza in every fast food joint but then innovations have not been much forthcoming from them but from the leading Pizza joints such as Pizza Hut.


Pizza Hut claims to have the tastiest pizza, with the dough, vegetables prepared freshly every day. They also claim to use only hundred percent mozzarella cheese. We always found the normal crust a bit boring with its doughy nature since the middle gets the best of cheese, sauce and the flavorings. Nevertheless, it is the filler but having the crust filled with gooey cheese or masala vegetables is a nice twist. Pizza Hut never fails to impress us with their new varieties. Same applies to their new stuffed crust, which comes in two exciting options, Veg Kebab for the vegetarians and masala chicken sausage for the non-vegetarians. They have introduced Cheese Maxx- where the crust is stuffed with full load of cheese to cater to the cheese lovers who just do not bother about those extra kilos, being a foodie and getting diet conscious just does not work together. 🙂  Another interesting aspect of Pizza Hut Pizza is the 100% herb infused sauce to add extra freshness to the Pizza.

The first one we tasted was Veggie Surprise (Capsicum, Onion, Sweet Corn, Paprika) with crust stuffed with Veg Kabab. Priced at Rupees 399 + taxes for a medium stuffed crust Pizza, this sure excites your taste buds and sets it on a roller coaster.  The kebab tasted as an authentic harabara kebab with the correct amount of spice and flavor, loaded with cheese, most suited for desi pizza lovers. The pizza on the whole, would have been better if it went in par with the flavorings in the pan pizza.


The second one we tasted was Paneer Delight (Onion, Jalapeno, Paneer, Sweet Corn, Tomato) with crust stuffed with Veg Kebab. It was baked to perfection with the golden brown cheesy blisters. Few bits of paneer were juicy and few a bit chewy and the sober taste of the Pizza got the punch from the spicy nature of the stuffed Kebab.


Stuffed Crust


The final one was Veggie Surprise with Cheese Maxx crust. It is an add-on that you can choose for any pan pizza. It had cheese sauce with big chunks of mozzarella that if you bite into it, it guaranteed you a cheesegasm, with all those cheese oozing out of it. This is an addition we can have with any choice of Pan Pizza and make sure to choose your flavor wisely. This is undoubtedly one of the best offerings of Pizza Hut till date.



To try out Pizza Hut’s New Stuffed Crust collection, Dial 3988 3988.

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