Vegetarian Food Review : Head to OMR Food Street for Lip Smacking Value for Money Food



OMR Food street located in Okkiam Thuraipakkam, is a haven for food lovers and caters absolute value for money food.  This food review is unique in its own terms. When we scouted for food to cater to our different demands across cuisines from different parts of the world, we were mostly disappointed. The urge will sure die down faster looking at the distance we have to cover to move from one restaurant to another.  By the time, we reached the second one; our interest in the food is gone.  When malls came up, we were excited with the food court concept but sadly, for a vegetarian, it is not easy to walk into an air-conditioned floor where non-vegetarian food co-existed with vegetarian food.   The aroma wafting in the air is enough to turn vegetarians off.  Now to the subject, the Chennai Bloggers Club invited us for a tasting session at OMR Food Street, and it was a lovely time of fun, food and laughter.  It is a small street with shops selling food on the either side and yes, we have a first floor too. We were astounded by the variety of food we got there and good number of options for vegetarians too.  Now to the review –

We did not build great expectations on this concept but surprisingly, the OMR Food Street really works.  The first shop on the left was the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee shop and what else can put a smile on a typical Chennai food lover’s face.  Filter Coffee costs Rs. 15 and the cup size is decent. It was not the vending machine and the coffee was good. Though this was the last in the agenda, could not help writing about it first.


 Of late, we have been hearing a lot about Burmese food and Atho was one among them.  This shop Burma Square sold Burmese and Chinese food and we went for Atho. Atho was cold and we wanted to ask for a hot one but then Thanks to our blogger friend, Gokoulane,  we had some gyan about Atho.  Atho is basically vegetarian and is eaten cold and the soup is the accompaniment and it is served hot.  When combined, they make a delicious combo.  To us, Atho is like Idli without Sambar.  The soup was really good and yes, a good place to try Atho.

The next shop, C-Taste, that attracted us was the one selling paniyarams.  Ghee paniyaram was quite enticing and we went for it. This was one awesome dish and we can confidently say that we are yet to taste something as yummy as this.  The highlight was the crispy outer and a hot soft inner paniyaram and chutneys added the effect.  The best part is the ghee used is authentic and this is one dish we would go for again and again. A classic!

For the health conscious, head to the 1st floor and you have BR 200 (Ki. Mu 200).  The idea is to take us back to Before Christ Era with food.  The menu list talked of Millet based food – Thinai Sweet Pongal,  Kambu Pesarattu, Thinai Adai Aviyal, Red Rice Idly and more.  Kambu Pesarattu was thin, aromatic and was roasted right.  It was served with chutneys and sambar.  Seeing the size, we were a bit worried but it went down much faster leaving us looking for more.  Thinai Sweet Pongal was mildly sweet (we like it this way) but we would have preferred it a bit hot.  For the price tags we see in the name of healthy food and the suspicion of it being tasteless, this place will prove us wrong with their signature dishes and price.

Now to the MexIKhana, as the name suggests, this shop sells us Mexican food – Tacos, Nachos, Quesadilla and Potato Swirl.  We have been seeing most of the foodies in Bessie beach talking about Potato swirl and were longing to try it. So we ordered one and to us it tasted more like potato chips in a stick. What more can it be?


The next is Salem Thattu Vadai Kadai selling thattu vadai, specialty of Salem.  It imitates a Chaat but do try it, it is way different and a healthier snack.


Our next stop is Zuki & Co selling guess what? Crepes.  Wow!  Ordered a choco waffle and it was soft crispy served with maple syrup and whipped cream.  Be ready to wait for some time since it is prepared and given.  Crepes were thin, succulent and had liberal dose of strawberry filling and syrup.  A must try for Crepe Lovers.   Another unique thing in this shop was the Ramnad Authentic Nannari Sherbet.  So much of a relief and screams nannari in every sip, this is a must try.  A small suggestion though – The sherbet was too good initially, but later on when we tried it again, the ice dropped into the Sherbet had liquidated the taste and had made it watery.

Stuff-ed is a Delhi foodwala of OMR Food Street serving different kinds of Paratha and Chola poori. We tried the Poori with Chole, and it was awesome.  A suggestion would be to have the salad freshly made now n then because we found it a bit stale.

Last but not the least is the Oasis Juice lounge.  We had mango milk shake and Tangy Ginger (Combination of Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Sweet lime and Ginger) and both were good.

Drive-in is possible and this is a review of Vegetarian food only. Still, options were many and we could manage to stuff only this much, stomach has its limitations.

We will be there again to try out the rest next time soon.  Do try out OMR Food Street and share your experience with us.

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