Mantra Adds a Different Dimension to Gold Plating


Gold plating / gold covering as it is popularly known has been a synonymous process with many of us in the late 70s and 80s when we wanted to own that classic piece of ornament which we could not afford in gold. I remember having a wonderful collection of temple jewelry, my priced possession for a long time. With the introduction of paste jewelry, the popularity and familiarity of gold plating has ebbed a little only to reinvent itself in different forms of application.  

Ask about gold covering to elders, they will tell you how it has saved them from embarrassing situations while attending weddings and family functions. The process of plating is coating the base metal which can be brass, bronze and silver with gold in specific microns to give a golden effect and also protect the valuable artifact underneath.

Mantra is a showroom selling gold plated idols, artifacts, name plates, puja areas and products that spell traditional modernity to our home and work spaces. When I heard about this place, I went it into check the possibility of plating my heirlooms of greater significance handed over through generations and idols, a part of our spiritual practices. The fear of it being manhandled was foremost in my mind and hence we have not even tried to give it the basic to ensure its longevity.  It is not easy to handover an idol we have been having over generations to someone who does not understand the importance of protecting it and the challenges it may pose in the process.  It was heartwarming to note that Mantra has been behind the gold plating of temples such as Sri Parthasarathy temple Triplicane, Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple, Adyar and many temples of significance.  This fact broke down the huge wall of discomfort and we got to discuss with them further.  They take any product we have for gold plating and open to discuss with us on how it can be done.  Additionally, they do sell idols, artifacts in their showroom.

To give in modernity to traditional gold plating, we can opt for gold, silver, bronze finish exclusively or combine them to provide a unique presentation to the item. Lovers of traditional items with antique looks can have a great time selecting beautiful artifacts to enhance the interiors of your home.  Few of the items on sale bowled us over as it made us believe it must be made of stone, the Krishna in particular. We were surprised to know that it was made of bronze and coated with gold to give the silvery matt finish. Amazing work of art!



Mantra also works with you to create your pooja space – the basic starts at Rs. 75,000 and sky is the limit here.  Talk to them on the space you have and get an idea about the wall mounting space or a temple structure that gives your spirituality a boost.

We can even have traditional name boards which can stand rain, sun and weather conditions.  Many designs are available and it can be discussed with them depending on your interest.  

If you are looking for a traditional gift, Mantra is a right place to go. Their collection of lamps is quite unique and will make a great addition to our home or as a gift.

Also check out their living room décor and we would certainly recommend visiting them once to see what they have to offer you. Do not forget to take a list of items you would want to gold plate too.


Mantra is located in TTK Road next to Sankara Hall, Alwarpet, Chennai – 18.

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