Jayanti Brings On1y Spices, Herbs and Seasonings to Chennai


On1y Spices and Herbs is the product of Jayanti, a Kolkata based Tea business of Jayantilal Shah in 1940s. Jayanti has evolved with the business scenario and has expanded globally and into multi business conglomerate.  Jayanti is one of the main players of herbs and spices, decaffeinated tea and natural caffeine in the Indian market. We were invited to get a personal rendezvous with their spices and herbs and it was a lovely session in close proximity to the gentle aroma and practical application of the seasonings and its value addition.


On1y Spices and Herbs are sourced from the countries of origin in its purest form and processed in India in Coimbatore and Ahmedabad and brought to us in its pristine form.  Once we heard this, the immediate thought was its pricing.  Surprisingly the beauty of the On1y Spices and Herbs is its pricing.  It was a surprise to note that the costliest product in the list is Black pepper sourced in India.


We had a look at 21 products, the prominent being

  • Herbs – Sage from Turkey, Chilli flakes from India, Basil from Egypt, Black pepper from India, Thyme and Rosemary from Morocco, Parsley from UK, and Oregano from Turkey
  • Salts – Sea salt from Belgium, Pink Salt from Himalayas, and Black Salt
  • Seasonings – Italian seasoning, Soup Seasoning, Mixed herbs, Tropical Heat, Fruit Seasoning, Salad seasoning and Roasted Garlic & Pink Salt

To make it convenient to use, herbs are packaged in cans and seasonings come with sprinklers.


We had the opportunity to use the seasonings to the food we were served and the soup seasoning made the dull cream of broccoli into an aromatic and vibrant soup.  We were served salads and we tried out seasoning it with Italian seasoning and salad seasoning and the aroma changed the very nature of the salad into something heavenly and we could not resist to try out more and more.

The most interesting product to us was the pink salt. It comes from the Himalayas and is  natural oxidized unlike the other salts where they are treated for it. It is rich in Iron oxide and is comparatively less salty and can replace table salt conveniently. We loved the mild sweetness it leaves in our mouth when we tasted it.   The roasted garlic and pink salt combination was amazing and garlic lovers should not miss it. Add it to any dish to make it yummy.

The best part of the smelling session was the lovely natural smell emanating out of the herbs which spells the purity of the product and the process to keep it as natural as possible.

On1y Herbs and Spices are available in Nuts & Spices, Brown Tree and for the online shoppers, it is very much available in BigBasket.com


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