Zurich, the heart of Swiss Alps is where my heart lies

One of the trips we endeavor to take and prominent in our bucket list is Zurich. We do not belong to the category with a long itinerary moving from one place to another packaging a tight schedule. We are the casual travelers interested in exploring the local environment and little known places from a traveler perspective.  So it is Zurich having read, heard about it a lot from friends, magazines and websites.  One of the key influence for this interest is Yatra website we connect often for our travel needs.  They have such wonderful packages for Swiss and for a mountain lover with keen interest in enjoying nature at its best; it is not surprising Zurich made it to the top of the list. We have the itinerary made and should make it sometime very soon.

We love Emirates Airlines and so our flight will be from Chennai to Zurich via Dubai. Getting a transit wait time in Dubai is fun and can give a shopping freak in me a go.  Once we arrive in Zurich, our stay will be in Park Hyatt, Zurich.

PHZ_Park executive suite bedroom

Picture Credit : Park Hyatt, Zurich

We have a great relationship with Park Hyatt for their local affinity and had already a lot about them in our blog. It was great to note that they have their property in Zurich and so we know the standards are set and nothing to disappoint us.


Zurich is our favorite for one other reason – Food.  We are foodies at large and vegetarians too. This is one of the main concerns when we plan our trip.  The Spice – Restaurant Rigiblick (Vegetarian) is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in our must eat list. The name says it all and the location by itself makes it a lovely place to visit. It is on the Zürichberg hillside with a terrific view of the hillside and Lake Zurich.


Picture Credit : Viator under creative commons license

Swiss is the haven for financial mastery and a visit to the Swiss national museum to get a look at its History and monuments. It is a place to visit for history lovers like us to dig into the past and ancient life.

Picture Credit : Viator under creative commons license

A place is best understood and explored when we take a walk. This is when you see the world from the local’s perspective.  Zurich boasts of free walking tours and so we would be joining the tours covering Downtown Zürich Tour to the Zürich West Tour, and the Gourmet Tour exclusively to have a look at the Lindt Chocolate factory.  It is exciting to be a part of this tour which is given free by a many companies in Zurich.

Picture Credit : Viator under creative commons license

The next in the list is the Alps.  The fun is there is a short train ride from Zurich to the Alps and this train tour takes us straight into the mountain range and wow…  just thinking of it is enough to send the adrenaline rushing.  We plan to go for hiking if the weather permits – not really sure what to expect but would love to give it a chance if time permits.


Picture Credit : Wikipedia

Now to the artistic human in us searching for theatre, our next visit is to the Schiffbau. This was once a factory for building shipping engines but now has been converted to a theater named Schauspielhaus and has three individual stages.  My husband is a playwright and this would be his dream come true to be there and possibly watch a performance even if it is not in English.

And we would fly back home with Emirates. This would be our basic itinerary and this is how we would love to enjoy our vacation and trips. Hope it made some interesting reading.

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