Square Feet Subbu Returns with Real Estate Essentials in his Own Style


Humor has become the essence of everything – The fact being seriousness rules our life in every aspect and entertainment has become a source of relief.  See the rapid growth of Memes, comedians in movies, standup comedy shows,  it is best to package information in an interactive funny manner to get people to listen. Having got this pulse from the public, DRA homes connected with Venkatesh Harinathan of Theatre Group Stray factory to make Open Secrets, webisodes of  ‘Funfotainment’  to get across ‘Realestate Gyan’ to the discerning public looking to buy that shelter they have been planning for long.

Packaging content in an interesting manner for the public who have too many options today needs brainstorming and going by the success of the first season of Sq Ft Subbu, the company nailed it.  The success of Sq Ft Subbu lies in the subtle way of connecting information to trending topics and fitting it in the right places for a guffaw but also instigating a thought process without boring the viewer.

It was a Real estate nightmare for many in the suburbs during the Chennai Floods.  It was a passive nightmare for way too many planning to buy a home.  Buying a home is a big time commitment and it takes longer years of planning and thought process and an incident such as Chennai Floods sent people back to their roots and in real estate terms Square Foot A.  We are known for our herd mentality and matters of such importance takes priority as we start making others thoughts as ours and certainly for huge capital investment.

Here is a thought. Is Chennai Floods the only reason for the sufferings we saw and experienced? Are we doing our homework in buying a home as we should?  Now it is time for Sq Feet Subbu to take over the show from us – Check it out at

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