MyTra – Final Episode of Shanmatam series

It’s Friday again. We are back with final episode of Director Naga’s  Shanmatam series. It is going to be the continuation of the previous episodes where he talked about the abstract mind relating to various forms of Gods. Last week he has covered Vishnu, Shiva and Sakthi. If you have missed out on this episode, you can check it in  MyTra – Director Naga Delves Deeper in Shanmatam

Human understanding always is based on the faith we have on the subject. In the shanmatam series, we have been seeing the origin of Hinduism which turned out to be more geographical than religion. We have also seen the different deities and their possible origins from the human perspective. Interestingly, we could even see the deities attached to regions of India.  Possibly the relation of the deity to the regions will be another research subject that we have on hand.

Further what impresses one does not impresses the other. So Hinduism decided to make it flexible to tune to the interest of its followers. For people who believe God is everything beyond – Lord Vishnu with his Viswaroopam was ideal. For people who believe God dwells within everything – Lord Shiva in his cosmic dance form proved to be the right fit. For the followers to whom Mother spells the point of origin encompassing compassion – Goddess Sakthi became the primordial deity.

Now we are awaiting the connection to Ganapathy or Ganesha , Kumara or Subramanya and Surya from Director Naga. It is certainly interesting to note the presence of Surya in this list. Surya or Sun is a prominent force of nature who has found  mention in Hinduism as God.  We are as interested as you to see what Director Naga talks about this unique perspective. We think you need one episode for it going by the content he has on it.

Here is the Third and Final part of Shanmatam series:

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