My Love Hate Relationship with Facebook

12631270_1259613064054450_1584382366418139300_nMy relation with Facebook is both functional and technical going by the terms of an IT professional.  We belong to the category who advises social media is addictive and is capable of stealing your precious time.  So the undercurrent of my relationship with Facebook must be clear by now.  My negativity for these social media networks comes from the inner knowledge of its functioning and their so called privacy rules and settings.  In one of the assignments given to me by a client whom I do not want to name, the request was to scrape data of girls in the age group of 18 – 24 present in the picture and the criteria is she must be alone without any company.  Whatever may be the purpose, it did not sound well as we were offered above normal rates to do the same.  We refused but we are sure the client would have found somebody to do the job.

Then one day, I started this blog and everywhere we went there were indications loud n clear that social media presence matters to keep the blog influence rating high.  So we went in to create an account in Twitter and Facebook and it was connected with the blog to automatically post the updates to the network. This was my only interaction with these networks till early 2015.

Today we have an active presence, thanks to Bloggers and specifically Chennai Bloggers Club members whom we had met offline too, our connections are no more virtual. We had the opportunity to connect with interesting people and thought provoking content.  It is wonderful being a part of such a beautiful network of bloggers and being from the same background, our presence in FB has been pleasant and got us more friends’ and  well-wishers.

On the other hand, declaring the gender as a female has its own flip side, it is normal to get messages to connect on Whatsapp and request for phone number and trying to chat without any purpose.  For such people, here is a suggestion – Now there are apps specifically to connect with people with this interest and it will be lot more time saving for such people to try their hand over there, maybe it might turn out to be a life enhancing experience for them. Do check out if men are really men and women are really women.

Going by our experience, it is once again proved that any technology application is a tool and it purely depends on how we use it.  With our bitter sweet experience with FB, it was interesting to know that debutante author Kaarthika has written her novel ‘Tagged’ on the subject of Facebook.  We are quite curious to know what her experience is and her view on the subject – if you are as interested as me, you can get the copy – Buy In Amazon – All the best Kaarthika.


Books are window to the world and in the world where reading habit is dwindling, it is so heartwarming to see so many enthusiastic budding authors coming out and exploring their creative side. All they request from us is to read, interact and give them the support to carry on further.  🙂

We’re participating in the ‘tagged’ contest by author Kaarthika along with ‘the Chennai bloggers club‘.

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  1. No, we can’t ignore the presence of social media. And, that was a weird request by someone.

    Congratulations to the author on the book. I am sorry, it’s not available at my location.

  2. I totally agree to the flip side of the Facebook you had mentioned in your post. But you know what, however advanced these technologies are, people always find ways to misuse them. The tech tools are not to be blamed but the corrupt minds are!

    Thanks for participating in the contest. I really liked your post.

    Stay curious about what I have written about Facebook in my book, until you get the book in your hands 🙂

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