Parenting Talk : Exam Results on the Way and Communication is the Key

India is now bracing for a huge event in the forthcoming weeks – Exam Results of students who have written their 10th and +2 and down the line also entrance exam results. Over the years, education has become so competitive and has reached a stage where studies have gone beyond students to teachers, school and above all parents. Wrinkled forehead and shrunk eyebrows have become ordinary sight on these stakeholders. Nothing in calling them so because of the importance attached to this exam and its results that drives children into anxiety, depression and in worst case, suicides.  It is quite heart wrenching when we came across a student who has always been a top scorer commit suicide for scoring a little less in the final exams.

The student was the only child for her parents and it was so painful to see the parents crying their heart out when we met them after few months. I could not help but rewind to our days  when we never knew what pressure or tension in studies was all about. The only tension I had was the time I had to get my report card signed from my dad and all he would be bothered was if he saw lesser marks in Maths and nothing more. I had couple of my friends with strict dad and all they would do is sign the report card themselves without much ado and give it back. Those friends of mine are now well educated and settled in their jobs with family and kids.  Life was much simpler then.

We discussed  this with a Counselling psychologist Ms.Radhika Sashank and what came out of the discussion was quite practical. So we decided we would make a webshot on this  topic from a practical point of view of the parents and the child.

Here it is for you and please do help us spread this either as the blog post or the video to reach as many people and it could make a difference in the life of a child who has the right to live his/her life as he/she wishes.

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