The Magic Woven by Same Day Cake Delivery in Chennai


My friend (Rehka’s) family is a group of intellectuals pursuing research and working on innovations – doctorate is a fundamental education in the family and the daughters-in-law and sons-in-law too came from the same background.  One soul had much difficulty connecting with them and their conversations. It was Rekha’s mother who was JUST a graduate with a simple background. She could never make out the subject of their conversation and her aversion to their intellectual discussions made even normal talks sound geeky to her.  None of them including Rekha’s father found a reason to connect with her beyond food and basic conversations.  It took her a lot of effort to converse with me when I went to Rekha’s home. She was scared of being judged all the time and took her own time to think before uttering even normal pleasantries with me.

Rekha’s mother’s thoughts kept haunting me even after a fortnight and I would relate to her whenever my mother spoke to me.  Is cruelty attributed only to physical abuse?  In the age where we are talking gender equality, feminism and women liberation, there is a segment of women suffering in silence.  I was torn between decency and thoughts on her that I decided to take it up with my friend.  When I reached her home that weekend, people in the house were all worried and frantically calling on the phone.

On inquiry, I learnt that Rekha’s eldest sister’s son studies in the US.  It is usual for him to connect with the family on the weekend. That specific weekend he failed to call them and their repeated attempts to reach him was in vain. Calls were going to voice message and he was offline in all the VOIP apps like Skype, Viber etc. It is very unusual of him to be away like this and he never leaves out of the city without informing people and there was absolutely no reason for him to keep his phone switched off.

I was curious to see where her mother was and there she was as expected sitting in front of her puja praying for his safety.  Then as we were contemplating reaching out to friends in the US to go and check him out, his call came in Rekha’s mother’s mobile.  She picked up the phone and we could see her in tears as she was talking to him. Then she passed the phone to Rekha and moved on. We learnt that today was Rekha’s mother’s birthday and so the Grandson has gone to Pittsburg temple in the United States to pray for his grandma’s health and happiness. Since he was in the temple, he had switched off the phone and thought that everyone in the family would be celebrating her birthday and could naturally relate that he must have gone to the temple which he did when he was in India too.

Sharp realization descended on everyone and the reason why their mom was in prayer from morning.  We decided we will celebrate her birthday and wanted an exotic cake which could be delivered immediately.  We checked out and saw Ferns N Petals deliver cakes in Chennai with same day delivery and the range was astonishing right from fruit gateau, cheese cakes, red velvet cakes, truffles and yes we suddenly we remembered her mother eats only eggless cakes and thank god, FNP had that too.


We ordered a ravishing Eggless Lemon Vanilla cake and it was delivered on time.  I was ready to order it hundred times for the gleaming face of her mother when she saw the surprise sprung on her and  the special gift of flowers from Rekha’s father made it complete.

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