LittleShopper, a Site to Visit for Online Shopping of Maternity and Motherhood Essentials

Pregnancy and motherhood spells a change in every woman’s life.  Suddenly we realize our regular clothes are not comfortable, activities have to be redefined and weight watching does not work anymore.  Though it is part of every woman’s life, it has its parameters and the initial phase of motherhood lasts for a year before moving onto the next level. Requirements during pregnancy are different than the ones after delivery.  Though it is a temporary phase, we cannot ignore it because it lasts a significant duration and the necessities need to be replaced during the time to make it smooth sailing and convenient.

E-commerce / online shops have emerged as the best form of shopping addressing general and specific requirements. offers pregnancy, motherhood and babies needs all under one roof.  We saw a good collection of maternity wear from brands such as House of Napius, Mama Couture, Nine Maternity wear, Inner sense, Uzazi and Marlin.  The collections are trendy and specifically radiation safe, the most important factor to take care during pregnancy, that we need not have to compromise with fashion during those times. Check out the few we have listed here.

Nursing/ feeding needs comfortable clothing and along with are the needs for bibs and handkerchiefs, bottles, dishes, sippers, and cleaning sterilization brushes. Little shopper has carefully considered the requirements of motherhood and has organized the site to make it convenient to shop for the necessities easily.  When planning for the phase immediately after delivery, priority goes to nappies and the best way to secure them is using Velcro for ease of putting it on and removing it. Little Shopper has included them in the catalog and also diapers as we move forward.



The site also sports cute dresses, accessories, footwear and toys for the boys and girls. The site has wide range of summer clothes for boys and girls below Rs. 1000. Do also check out the Sale section for interesting discounts.  Little Shopper also has a magazine section to provide credible verified information to its visitors.  We have free shipping for orders above Rs.500 and Cash on Delivery is also available.

Online chat is available so we can chat with support and get our concerns or questions addressed. The site has quite an interesting collection on offer from leading brands are available in the site and one to visit for pregnant ladies and mothers.

Currently the site is offering a special offer Mother’s Day – Everyone who signs up in the site gets Rs 3000 worth cash vouchers free – this offer is available only for month of May.

Do check out the boutique called “newborn essentials” where all things needed for newborn are listed to make it easier for parents to shop and prepare for their baby.

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