Ramco Systems Redefines Work Place to Foster Employee Experience

3a56906e-1d51-4c09-8fcf-330965d3f1eaComing from an IT background, I know what it means to work sitting in front of the system utilizing mental energy and staying put for longer hours to accomplish challenging tasks. Having seen the travel from computer languages to mobile apps development today, the journey has not been smooth though people envy us for the money we earn but then the work the job demands is no easy task and carries with it stress, strain, fatigue and the additional overload of sitting in front of the system for hours together.   Moreover this is one field we can grow stale on the job if we do not keep us in tune with the latest developments and technology updates. The challenges are many and multifaceted but still it holds the interest of many youngsters aspiring to make it big in this field.

There were times when we aspired to make it to US to work for the environment the firms offered us. Today, in the times when the whole world is looking at India for its Make In India, and Startups, I was shocked and sad to note that the IT pass outs ambition lies in finding their dream job in MNCs who have made it to India to utilize the vast talent pool we have here.  On a deeper contemplation, it is the environment that induces them to go for such companies.  It is during this time that we received an invite to be a part of a Bloggers meet at Ramco systems to showcase Life At Ramco and their initiatives to improve employee experience and better employee engagement.  We went there to see the whole perspective from the Corporate and employee angle and here is our experience.


We were welcomed by the Ramco Team and the first thing that attracted us most was Thank God It is Monday, a concept to beat the concept of Monday Blues. We were introduced to healthy snacks and a drink which the employees eat through a vending machine. The moment we thought but healthy we wondered about the taste and it won us over in every aspect.


After a brief introduction, we moved in teams to experience #LifeAtRamco and the first place we visited was the café, aptly named FIKA. We saw the place buzzing with activity and a LED screen to watch IPL and for the ones interested in playing guitar or instruments, it was all there. A café to relax and the surprising factor is the café is run by Spoonbill. The décor was a big plus and the Barista showed us some awesome barista art. My expectation of a café was a canteen but here it was a profession run with an awesome ambiance.

The next area we checked out is the Fitness section – Crossfit and Zumba.  It was awesome floor with professional trainers asking us to shake a leg, a worthy initiative for the employees who fail in physical fitness due to long hours at work. Zumba was real fun with simple movements though cross fit needed a warmup for sure.  There was also a Table Tennis table and employees playing and also a room to relax.  We could see specific interest from the management in making sure the employees were taken care in the best possible manner.


We were told we would be going to the marketing department next and all we could envisage was a section full of target charts, meeting rooms and hurried executives but we were in for a surprise.  We saw boxing bag, massage area with professionals from Naturals salon and Foosball.  We confirmed if we were in the marketing department and Yes we were.  Employees can appoint themselves for a massage more like a self appraisal and the marketing department also extends it to employees for performance. It is an amazing incentive for that extra effort indeed. The foosball was so addictive and for those looking for the kick in smoking, try it out and for sure, you have a better and healthy addiction on hand.

Now to the HR department where discussions and interviews happen in relaxing atmosphere and a clear indication it is Open and no Hierarchy organization. No cabins and even the CEO is on the floor among the employees. The Employee is Right says the graffiti on the wall and we know the future work space is here.

Ramco Systems is setting standards to make it the place employees will miss and for the aspirants the place to be with their open, friendly, responsible and caring culture.  Thanks to Ramco systems and DInfluencer for giving us the opportunity to experience this wonderful initiative to make spaces as activity hubs of employees.  Each one of us left the space with a hope that we will get to work with Ramco Systems sometime.

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